ATC Aluminum Ultimate Race Track Car Hauler Trailer

This Trailer Is No Longer For Sale But We Can Rebuild


Manufacturer: ATC – Aluminum Trailer Company

Additional Information


This is an all aluminum custom built car hauler.  The idea was to be the life of the party at the track.  Updated pictures should include strobe lights, disco ball and a pole to dance on.  The trailer will haul 4 motorcycles, a big race car, ATV's, sand dune buggy, dirt bikes, four wheelers, or just about anything else you can fit in there.

    This trailer was custom built from the ground up.  It can be made any length, width or height.  Any options on the interior or exterior can be added or deleted. 

    The main frame is all double hollow tube frame.  It is a perimeter frame design, which mean that the main frame runs all the way around the outside of the trailer.  That is a much stronger design than using an inboard I-beam frame with out-riggers to get to the outside.  Then we use full width tube crossmembers.  By using the perimeter frame design we can just slowly drop the crossmembers lower in position on the main frame to create the beavertail, rather than chopping the last 4' of the main frame and then welding it back on.  That is one of the main stress points on most trailers on the market today.  By building our trailers with the perimeter frame design we eliminate the chance of even having that stress point all together.  On top of this immaculate main frame construction we build on a tube wall post, tube header and tube crossmember frame.  Most aluminum trailer companies use a steel sub-frame to bolt the axles to or the A-Frame is steel and bolts on.  Ours is not.  ATC is a true all aluminum framed trailer.


    This trailer has a custom interior color of pewter and a exterior color of charcoal gray metallic.  The aluminum skin on the exterior is .040, but we can still even make it thicker. The thicker the skin, the fewer wrinkles you see in the panels. We have a 50 amp breaker box, interior and exterior GFI 110 volt plugs, 48” fluorescent lights, and 2 exterior 500 watt quartz halogen lights. Stainless steel rear paddle latches to hold and lock the rear door shut is a very stylish way to go rather than the standard cargo trailer cam bar locks. The plastic cold curtains on the side door and rear ramp door keep the heat and air conditioning in the trailer when you are trying to get work done. There are some states that require by law that you have a spare tire, but it is always a safe idea either way. We had the spare aluminum wheel powder coated black to match the rest of the aluminum wheels on the trailer. This trailer is all about being unique. Not too many people powder coat their aluminum wheels on their trailers. Anything we install on the walls gets backed with tube aluminum framing. This includes the wall spare tire mount. The trailer is 7’ interior height, but again, we can build these at any height. We installed a 3500# electric jack so it makes hooking and unhooking the trailer from the truck a breeze. The 4’ wedge nose on this trailer automatically extends the tongue of the trailer allowing you to tow it behind a motorhome or box truck that is 8’ wide. The extended tongue keeps you from crushing the corners of the trailer. The 4’ wedge nose builds out over top of the A-frame and allows you to use the space inside the trailer. When the trailer is built with a wedge nose and you want to use a weight distribution setup, you have to get a weight distribution prep option. We then weld on aluminum blocks to allow hook up of your kit. Screwless is a popular option that a lot of trailer companies try to do, but often fail. We have the least amount of failures of anyone in the industry. All Amish people build our trailers and take so much pride in their work that they make sure the metal is cleaned correctly before the 3M VHB (very high bond) material is applied. It is all about the people who install it and how it is done. When applied correctly it holds great, even stronger than screws! This option gives the trailer a very clean look. Polished aluminum rear header and front wedge nose also give the trailer a very high class look. A 17’ awning was optioned to shed some shade at the track and car shows. The flooring is black rubber coin and it is a thick, durable, no slip covering that started out being used in commercial trailer applications and found its way to the race trailer industry. The aluminum trailer you see on the floor of the trailer is called airline track or L-track. The way we install it is superior to anyone else. We back it all with tube aluminum welded right into the framing. We have had cranes lift our trailers by one ring clipped into this track. Again the key is the way it is installed any how it is done. This gives you unlimited options to tie your load down. All the interior walls and ceiling is all done with aluminum paneling just like the exterior. We build full custom cabinets in house (wood or all aluminum). In this trailer we used full depth V-nose upper and lower cabinets. The 110 volt fluorescent lights were mounted on 45 degree angles to shed light up, sideways and down. We used a 15,000 BTU air conditioning unit with a reverse heat pump. It will take the chill out of the air on a cool night or freeze you out of the trailer on a hot day. The thermostat is mounted on the wall for easy, convenient access. This classy trailer has a TV prep package. It includes a round style roof mounted antenna, cable in and out jacks, controls box and GFI outlets. A flat screen TV with a built-in DVD player gives you something to entertain you at the track when you get tired of watching the races. Slim-line LED lights are the newest look on high-end trailers. People just love them. A slick light up handle right outside the side door is a nice little feature. 16 bullet halogen lights on dimmer switch allow you to set the mood in the trailer when the party starts at night. 

            The kicker on this trailer is the sound system. The head unit is a DVD / CD player with a Sirius satellite controls system. That runs through the 2 amplifiers and runs out through the 2 subwoofers and the 4 surround satellite speakers. If nothing else gets people’s attention the blasting music would. Again, another first in the trailer industry… A trailer with a better sound system than some movie theaters.