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When you’re hauling heavy stone, gravel, or any other material that is difficult to unload, you should consider the advantages of Chicago dump trailers, which can help you safely and quickly remove anything from the bed of your trailer. To choose from an assortment of quality tilt bed dump trailers, Chicago residents should look at the inventory that we have in stock at Advantage Trailer. Among our 2,000 trailers, we are confident that you can find countless high-quality:

  • Tilt Bed Dump Trailers
  • Steel Dump Trailers
  • Custom Dump Trailers

Tilt Bed Dump Trailers for Dual Purposes

Are you looking for a flatbed trailer that also functions as a dump trailer? Then, we have the right solution for you—tilt bed trailers. Chicago utility, landscaping, and construction companies have taken advantage of these dual-purpose trailers for years, so we are confident that it would be a good investment for your home or business.

Dump Trailer Made of Sturdy Steel

For customers that need a dump trailer, we recommend our steel trailers. With this dump trailer, Chicago construction companies can easily haul some of the toughest materials, including large rocks, debris, and more. Not to mention, the powerful hydraulics can effortlessly lift the bed to dump these items for quick unloading.

Completely Custom Dump Trailers for Your Chicago Business

If you still haven’t found the right fit after you’ve looked at all of our tilt bed dump trailers, you don’t have to worry. We have several in-house designers ready to help you create your ideal trailer. No matter your budget or needs, you can work with our experts to select the size, material, lift, and so much more!

Are you interested in finding out more about the different types of dump trailers that we have to offer in Chicago? Then, why not pick up the phone and call Advantage Trailer today! One of our knowledgeable representatives can answer any questions you might have, or you can request a free quote by filling out our online form.