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Are you looking for a superior fiber splicing trailer? Advantage Trailer has been providing high-quality fiber optic trailers for professionals throughout Chicago since 1989. As a community-based business, we are committed to building strong relationships and providing the best services for everyone’s unique needs.

We’ve assisted everyone from small local businesses to fortune 500 companies, so we know how to scale our designs to meet any requirements. If you’re a telecommunications specialist in need of a quality trailer, your search is over! 

Durable Splicing Trailers in Chicago

Our team offers a wide selection of custom-built fiber trailers that meet the diverse needs of our clients. Whether you need a basic design or a fully equipped one with upgraded accessories, our engineers will help you find the perfect fit.

Advantage proudly offers commercial-grade ATC splicing trailers, so you can continue to meet all the up to date requirements for mobile fiber optic splicing. All our trailers are made with heavy duty frames and will withstand years of use.

Spacious Trailer Designs

Maximum productivity is just one facet of our superior Chicago fiber splicing trailer. We also guarantee your team will be comfortable throughout the entire job. All our trailers have optimal under-counter leg room so your team can sit comfortably while working.

Additionally, we provide expansive interior and exterior storage options for all your equipment, so you can have everything you need in one place. On-site fiber splicing has never been easier with the power of Advantage trailers!

Custom Features & Accessories

Whatever fiber optic splicing trailer you choose, you can fully customize it to fit the unique needs of your business project. You can have whatever you need—from LED lighting to additional safety features and everything in between.

Enjoy a full-service trailer complete with height couplers, open grid steps, custom generators, and more. In case of emergencies, our trailers also come equipped with a first aid kit and an eye wash station.

Request Your Custom Quote on Our Premium Fiber Trailers

Don’t settle for a substandard fiber optic trailer. At Advantage Trailer, we are focused on delivering custom products that meet all your needs and exceed expectations. Take advantage of low rates and flexible financing solutions on long-lasting trailer designs.

We offer quality installment loans, leasing options, and precise quotes to make your new or used equipment purchase stress-free. Ready to learn more? Call our specialists today or fill out one of our online forms for an accurate quote.