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Working on the road just got a whole lot easier with custom job site trailers from Advantage Trailer. Our engineers specialize in crafting trailers that provide optimal space and maximum comfort, so your crew is well-rested no matter what.

Our team has over 30 years of experience designing superior trailers for professionals throughout the Chicagoland area. Whether you need a basic trailer for your employees to take a break or a deluxe design complete with sleeping and bathing facilities, the Advantage team has your back.

Full-Service Job Site Trailers

When it comes to finding your perfect mobile job site trailer, you have to think about all the unique needs of your employees. At Advantage, we specialize in custom designs that can have as many or as few amenities as you need.

We can design a trailer that simple serves as a mobile break room, or the full package complete with eating and sleeping spaces, as well as expansive showering facilities. Whatever the size of your crew, we can build a custom job site management trailer that suits your needs.

Custom Designs for Every Job

Our customizable designs can handle any type of job including tool transportation, fiber optic splicing, mobile workshop spaces, bathrooms, plumbing work, and more! The only job you have is to specify your requirements and needs; our certified engineers will take care of the rest!

We’ve worked with both small local retail business and fortune 500 companies, so we know how to scale our projects to teams of all shapes and sizes. Our priority is to provide you with quality products and services you can trust.  

Additional Trailer Features

We make our Chicago job site trailers with all our clients’ needs in mind. You can make it your own space with unique additions and safety features. We can design and outfit your trailer to meet your exact needs, down to the flooring type and exterior colors.

If you need extended frames, specialized rear doors, reliable generators, and everything in between, the Advantage team can make it happen. We care about your safety, too, so you can include first aid kits, eye wash stations, and more.

Learn More from Our Expert Engineers Today  

Advantage Trailer is here to make your workdays easier and more comfortable. All our trailers are designed to provide everything you need on your mobile job site no matter how long you’re out there.

For low prices on high-quality site management trailers, connect with an Advantage specialist today. We’ll provide custom quotes, flexible financing options, and more to make your purchase a breeze. Give us a call or fill out one of our online forms to get started!