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Keeping roads clear and safe during winter is one of the most challenging tasks of Chicagoland residents, and keeping a snowplow is one of the best ways to keep roadways safe. At Advantage Trailer, we carry everything you need to be an upstanding citizen and neighbor this winter, including durable Chicago snow removal equipment like snow plows and salt spreaders.  We’ve been providing Chicago residents with quality trailers and accessories since 1989, and we have the perfect equipment for a variety of trucks and snow management needs. Quality servicing and ongoing support services from our world-class trailer experts are sure to make your buying experience comprehensive, simple and hassle-free.

The Quality Snow Removal Equipment Chicago Needs

Our inventory of snow removal equipment for sale offers a great selection of snow plows and salt spreaders. We exclusively carry products Western snow removal equipment, one of the nation’s most trusted brands when it comes to handling heavy snow. Western has been a favorite name in snow removal, with over 60 years selling tried-and-true snow management products. Our snow removal equipment in Chicago has something for everyone, offering small SUV options to massive half-ton plows. Some of the snow removal equipment for sale includes:

  • Tailgate Salt Spreaders
  • V-Plows
  • Wide-Out Plows
  • Heavy-Duty Plows
  • Half-Ton Snow Plows
  • SUV Plows
  • Steel and Poly Blades
  • Tornado Salt Spreaders

And more!

Shop our Local Chicago Snow Removal Equipment

Not sure which plow is right for you? Give our team a call to discuss your needs before winter hits. We’ll help you determine the right Chicago snow removal equipment for your vehicle and location, so you can keep your roads safe, year-round. Contact Advantage Trailer to speak to our snow removal equipment sales team, view our full snow equipment inventory online, or fill out our online form to request a free quote from one of our experts.