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If you need to haul more than one car but don’t want to deal with the hazards or limitations of an extended trailer, Advantage Trailer offers an extensive selection of Chicago stacker car trailers. Our heavy-duty Chicago stacker trailers are built to store and protect multiple vehicles over thousands of miles of open road—perfect for professional sportsmen as well as off-roading enthusiasts and regular vehicle haulers.

In business since 1989, Advantage has wide-ranging expertise in the purchase, sales, and personalization of high-quality car stacker trailers. Chicago-based and shipping to clients across the United States, we make it easy to find a premium rig that suits your vehicle-hauling needs!

Customized Designs for Chicago Stacker Trailers

Here at Advantage, we’ve grown into one of the largest and most reputable trailer distributors in the country, and we’re proud to offer a wide array of car stacker hauler trailers, both here in Chicagoland and beyond. By choosing us for your Chicago stacker car trailers, you can expect:

  • Quality Products: We offer cutting-edge makes and models from top trailer manufacturers like ATC and U.S. Cargo.
  • Numerous Designs: Our stacker car haulers come in a variety of lengths (from 28’ up to 50’), gate styles (lift-gate and automotive drive-on), and rigging options (tag trailer and gooseneck/fifth-wheel).
  • Customization Options: Need custom branding or complex color schemes? We can put the finishing touch on your car trailer so that it’s perfect for you.

Experienced Professionals to Fabricate or Service Your Stacker Car Haulers

To get the best car stacker trailers, Chicago residents and businesses know that they can trust Advantage. Whether you’re looking to buy a new model, repair your current trailer, or add custom branding and upgrade features, our highly trained professionals are here to help. We believe in the power of positive client relationships and will work with you to find car stacker trailer that’s ideal for your professional or personal requirements.

For expertly fabricated and fully customized Chicago stacker car trailers, reach out to Advantage today! Browse our in-stock and custom stacker car trailers online, give us a call for professional guidance, or request a custom quote by submitting our online form now.