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In need of a car hauling trailer?Check out the variety of high-quality and custom car trailer solutions from Advantage Trailer. Frombasic open car trailersto fully-enclosed car haulers with customized graphics, we've got theaffordable, convenient, and reliable solution for your car hauling needs.

Industry-Leading Aluminum Car Trailer

At Advantage Trailer, we employ the most experienced andskilled design and fabrication professionals in the industry, so that no matterthe type of trailer or specific needs you have, we can create a custom rigperfect for you. Our work with top brands like ATC, US Cargo, and Middleburyallow us to offer industry-leading quality in over 2000 trailer types andaccessories, including everything from an aluminum car trailer to stacker car trailers. Checkout our great selection, including:

  • Aluminum Car Trailers
  • Gooseneck Trailers
  • Stacker Car Trailers
  • Open Car Haulers
  • Enclosed Car Trailers

Loading, Simplified With Custom Car Trailers

We know that loading and hauling cars can be dangerous anddifficult work. That’s why Advantage Trailer takes extra care to ensure easyloading and unloading for your car, as well as built-in safety features toensure your car stays in pristine condition. For decades we’ve been buildingtop-quality car trailers with a focus on simplifying loading and unloading. Ourinnovative ramps and mechanized lifts make car hauling no work at all.

Call On the Car Hauling Experts

When you have a vehicle you need to haul, trust the expertsand quality at Advantage Trailer. Our dedication to ensuring you and your car’ssafety, along with our years of expert creation with customer satisfaction inmind, make us the best choice for choosing your car hauling solution. Contactus today to learn more!

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