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Advantage Trailer’s Top 10 Custom Trailers of 2020

One of our favorite times of the year is when we take a lookback at our best projects from the previous year. While we value every customerwe work with, the bigger custom trailers really make us proud, so we had eachmember of our team vote on our top trailers of 2020. Here are the trailers thatmade the cut:

Honorable Mention – Muskegon Voting Trailer & Belle Isle Conservancy Registration Trailer

These two trailers narrowlymissed the top 10, but are still worthy of being highlighted because, althoughthey are simple concession-style trailers, they served a higher purpose thatmade a positive impact in an otherwise down year.

The 16-foot City of Muskegon Government voting trailer played a key role in providingvoting accessibility for residents of Muskegon, Mich. It was taken toneighborhoods, schools, and community centers, giving residents the opportunityto register and submit an absentee ballot without having to travel far fromhome or wait in long lines. Staff working the trailer could issue absenteeballots, collect ballots, register voters, and answer questions, and it alsohelped ease the burden on the US postal system.

The 16-foot Belle Isle trailer is still in usethrough this summer, giving Belle Isle Park – Michigan Conservancy staff a mobile office and visitorsa registration point, information booth, and wayfinder. In September, itoperated as a registration point for their Blue Cross Blue Shield sponsoredSenior Thursdays, which allowed visitors 55 years old and over an opportunityto experience the Belle Isle Aquarium for free in a safe, socially distantenvironment.

#10 – Mobile Pilates Studio Trailer for The Movement FLX

Coming in at Number 10 in our Top 10 Trailersof 2020 is this mobile pilates studio trailer that we did for The Movement FLX. This28-foot deckover ATC stagetrailer was custom built for pilates on the go in upstate New York withfloor-to-ceiling windows on one side and a continuous deck from the interior tothe stage, allowing plenty of natural light and a great open air space to workout. With the trailer, owner Tracy Janczak has created a safe space to conductclasses in the parking lot of places like Canandaigua Country Club, and alsoserve as a platform for speakers and other community events.

#9 – Product Display Trailer for HD Cam Tech

Number 9 on our list of our Top 10 Trailers of2020 is this product display trailer for HD Cam Tech. The 5’x8′ MTI cargotrailer was custom-built with a concession style window shadow box, allowingthe customer to install a large flatscreen monitor to showcase the camera andsurveillance equipment that he offers.

It’s a small trailer that packs a punch withworking cameras installed around all sides, giving HD Cam Tech a nimble andsharp looking display trailer to take to their customers and show off theircapabilities while containing all of the wiring and controls neatly inside thetrailer.

#8 – Mobile Command Trailer for Lafayette Police Department

Number 8 on our countdown of our Top 10Trailers of 2020 is this command trailer for the City of Lafayette, Ind. policedepartment. This 20-foot ATC Trailers command trailer was a joint effort by the SWATteam and hostage negotiation team, giving each of them a small command spaceinside the trailer, an exterior shadowbox mounted 55-inch smart TV to view adrone feed in real time, a 19-foot awning to protect form the elements duringbriefings, and a walk-on roof for drone landing.

#7 – Mobile Performance Stage Trailer for The Goodman Theatre

Number 7 on our countdown of our Top 10Trailers of 2020 is the stage trailer that Goodman Theatre took all over thecity of Chicago this past fall, putting on theatrical performances in cityparks. The 24-foot ATC stage trailer was wrapped both inside and outand utilized as a performance stage for Cheryl West’s play ‘Fannie Lou Hamer:Speak on It’, which was offered for free at public parks all over the city.Since indoor performances were closed due to the pandemic, Goodman took theplay on the road in a pared down version.

According to the Chicago Sun Times, it was”the first post-COVID theatrical endeavor in Chicago authorized by allfour unions commonly affiliated with live musical and dramaticproductions,” and we’re proud to have helped make it happen.

#6 – Product Display Trailer for Digger Specialties

Number 6 on our countdown of our Top 10Trailers of 2020 is the 36′ product display trailer for DiggerSpecialties. ThisATC goosenecktrailer was fabricated by Digger themselves to feature their fencing, railing,column, and outdoor lighting products in a way that allows them to slide out socustomers can see individual options. Larry Burkholder, the training managerfor Digger, pulls the trailer all over the country to train employees at lumberyards and deck stores on Digger’s products.

#5 – Mobile Foot Lab for Sidas USA

Number 5 on our Top 10 Trailers of 2020 is theMobile Foot Lab trailer we did for Sidas USA. This 24′ wedge nose stage trailer was built outwith interior cabinets for product storage, slat wall for product display, abuilt-in shop vac, boot fitting stations, a full graphic wrap, and more,allowing Sidas to travel to ski resorts, outdoor stores, and events, showcasingtheir insoles, boot liners, and other accessories made for an active lifestyle.Like the Digger Specialties trailer, the Sidas tour staff use the trailer totrain store staff on the importance of boot fitting and boot insoles, as wellas how to make custom insoles.

#4 – Sno Cone Concession Trailer for SnoProblems

Number 4 on our countdown of our Top 10Trailers of 2020 is the sno cone trailer we did for SnoProblems. This 6’x12′ concession trailer is one of thegreat success stories of the year as a group of out-of-work high school andcollege students pulled together a small business that exceeded allexpectations. In fact, they said it did more business in the first 2 1/2 weeksthan they thought it would do all season, providing residents of the westernChicago suburbs a tasty treat and an excuse to get out of the house on the longhot summer days in downtown Naperville.

#3 – Experiential Marketing Stage Trailer for Henry Repeating Arms

Number 3 on our countdown of our Top 10Trailers of 2020 is the experiential marketing trailer for Henry Repeating Arms. This 24′ ATC stage trailer was fabricated by Farmington Displays, Inc.inConnecticut and used at the Henry 180 Nascar Xfinity race at Road America inElkhart Lake, WI. It featured a display of some of their rifles, branded itemsthat customers could purchase, and a tablet entry to win a limited editionrifle.

This trailer is a great example of how we dobusiness at Advantage Trailer. We’re big proponents of the inviting andengaging properties of a an experiential marketing trailer, and while we loveto fabricate them ourselves, we’re just as happy to sell you the trailer thatyou can have built out by an existing fabrication partner that you may have. Tous, it’s all about giving you the ability to engage with your customers in thebest and most efficient way possible.

#2 – Mobile Pro Shop & Tasting Room Trailer for Black Quail Apparel & Flecha Azul Tequila

Number 2 on our countdown of our Top 10Trailers of 2020 is the mobile pro shop and tasting booth trailer we did for Black Quail Apparel andFlecha Azul Tequila. It started off with a 24-foot ATC stagetrailer with a full matte black exterior, interior, and trim package and alantern smoke vinyl flooring to provide a nice contrast.

Black Quail then customized the interior withminimalist clothing racks and shelves, as well as spot graphics to convey theirbrands. Originally slated to launch at The Masters last spring, Black Quail hadto pivot due to the Covid shutdowns, but they have been able to use it atevents throughout Texas so far. We can’t wait to see it in person soon!

#1 – Mobile Golf Apparel Pro Shop Trailer for Linksoul & TRUE Linkswear

The moment we’ve all been waiting for is here:Our top trailer of 2020 is the mobile pro shop trailer that we did for Linksoul andTrue Linkswear! This 20′ ATC stage trailer featured a minimalist design withblack iron pipe hanging racks and faceouts and raw wood shelving for the brandsto showcase their latest clothing lines. We also built a custom cabinet tocover the wheel well with a built-in beer tap, a butcher block top, andoutward-facing illuminated shelving for shoe and hat display.

The trailer debuted at the PGA Merchandise Showin Orlando last January with plans to travel up the west coast visiting PGATour events, golf courses, and lifestyle events before the pandemic put thoseplans on hold. Still, they have been able to use it a few times and lookforward to hitting the road again soon.

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