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ASPCA Geared Up and Ready To Go

The Field Investigations and Response Team at ASPCA regularly travel around the nation to help animal victims of disasters.Since Hurricane Katrina in 2005, the team has been on the road to help animals in need from everything from natural disasters to dog fighting and puppy mills.

When the ASPCA came to Advantage Trailer, Jim Groveau was excited to help.It was a wonderful and rewarding experience for the Advantage Trailer to help out the ASPCA field team in the endeavor to stop animal cruelty. TheAdvantage Trailer teamed up with the ASPCA to create a one-of-a-kind trailer that would house the team while on their missions to rescue innocent animals.The 53 foot long trailer is a home on wheels for the team with room to sleep 14 people!The trailer is also equipped with 3 full bathrooms, including showers, washer and dryer, a full kitchen and even an office and communication center.The team can fully and easily handle day to day operations within the trailer with ease.The trailer allows the team to be fully-rested with all of the comforts of home, so they can be geared up and give 110% to the animals they are helping. Today, the trailer is geared up and in action – traveling all over the country from coast to coast – looking to rescue animals from dire situations.

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