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Custom Advantage stage trailer serves as functional centerpiece at Autodesk University

Autodesk trailer

When Zet Norman, Global CustomerMarketing Manager and Catherine Rogers, Global Construction Events Manager atAutodesk, needed a functional statement piece to impress 11,000 of theirbiggest customers at their annual learning conference, Advantage Trailerdelivered.

Autodesk University is thecompany's largest annual gathering of industry professionals in the UnitedStates, spanning four days and providing keynote sessions, networkingopportunities, hands-on labs, product demonstrations, certification exams, andmore. Thus, the importance of an attention-grabbing space to connect withconstruction customers was essential.

“The construction industry facesmany challenges, including a shortage of labor, a workflow problem, and growingpressure on the industry to build more as the planet’s population grows,” saidRogers. “Autodesk Construction Solutions offers software to help contractorsmeet those challenges head on by getting their jobs done safer and moresimply.”

Autodesk trailer

“We needed a welcoming andcomfortable space at AU to have productive conversations with our current andfuture customers,” Rogers added.

For Autodesk University, Normancame up with the idea of utilizing a construction trailer to anchor theConstruction & Fabrication quad space in the expo hall. She thought ahighly visible, Autodesk branded construction trailer would be an iconic,compelling meeting point for all Autodesk construction attendees.

Tasked with finding a trailervendor, Rogers found Advantage Trailer online and picked up the phone.

“I called Dan [Webb, owner ofAdvantage Trailer]. He was extremely knowledgeable and gave me several greatsuggestions about trailer options. He was (and is) absolutely wonderful.”

As chance would have it, Rogerswas due to travel to Chicago for another show shortly thereafter, so she tookthe opportunity to visit Advantage Trailer and do her due diligence.

Autodesk trailer

“I decided to visit AdvantageTrailer to make 100% sure that the company was legit because I’d never workedwith them before and this element was a crucial part of our AU plan,” sheexplained. “I met Dan and physically checked out the size of the trailer to seeif it would accommodate our plan to hand out giveaways to over 1,200 attendeeseach day — it was perfect.”

From there, the design process involvedseveral changes and additions over the course of a couple of months. Thisparticular trailer was scheduled to be built for inventory but Webb was able toexpedite the process for Autodesk and incorporate requested customizations,such as reconfiguring some of the cabinets to be portable.

Throughout the process, Rogerscredits the attention to detail she received from the Advantage team forproducing a wow-worthy trailer that received praise from customers andhigher-ups alike.

Advantage Trailer believes in going the extra mile to serve its customers, so instead of shipping off the trailer and moving on toanother sale, Webb went a step further. He sent a sales manager to Las Vegas toassist with setting up the trailer and Rogers found that additional treatmentinvaluable.

Autodesk trailer

“I’d never set up a trailer, andwe had a very limited two-hour time window to move the trailer in, position itexactly, and then stabilize and level it.” Rogers said.

“The Advantage Trailer salesmanager, Jim, was in constant contact with the drivers delivering the trailer.It was good to be able to rely on him. He showed me how to set up and thenclose up the trailer after the event. He also gave me his cell phone numberwith instructions to call him at any time of the day/night if we needed hisassistance.”

Autodesk used the trailer todistribute giveaway items, sign customers up for their Most ValuableContractors program, register customers for sessions and activities, and answerquestions.

“Everybody loved it. Theyabsolutely loved it,” Rogers said.

Whether it’s a one-week trailerrental like this one, a summer-long national mobile tour, or a long-terminvestment, Advantage is here to serve you with the mobile marketing anddisplay trailer solutions you need. We believe there’s no better feeling than deliveringa trailer that allows our clients to showcase their product or brand andproduces a positive experience for both them and their customers.

Please read more about our custom marketing trailers or call 630-524-2029 to request aquote today.

Our Advantage is your advantage.


Headquartered in San Rafael, Calif., Autodesk, Inc. is a leader in3D design, engineering, and construction software and is among Fortune’s 100Best Places to Work.

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