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Custom Marketing Trailers Change Mobile Marketing

Cellular companies are making their mobile phones even more mobile, especially in its selling tactics. Advantage Custom Trailers recently designed and manufactured custom marketing trailers for Verizon Wireless and Cricket/Access Wireless. These trailers were personalized to fit each customer’s needs.

The Verizon Wireless custom display trailer was designed with the following features; however, there are numerous other features that were incorporated into the design of this trailer.

  • – Dimensions for mobile marketing trailer: 8.5′ X 18′
  • – Rear ramp door
  • – 2 side concession windows
  • – Dimensions for awning: 17′
  • – Mobile marketing trailer material: steel

The Cricket/Access Wireless trailer featured these personalizations, including, but not limited to the following:

  • – Dimensions for mobile marketing trailer: 7′ X 12′
  • – Side display case
  • – 1 8′ X 5′ marquee concession window with flip-up sign
  • – 120V package to run land power or generator to operate battery charger or run 110V outlets
  • – Mobile marketing trailer material: steel

Any business, from cellular phone companies to restaurants, can have custom display trailers built by Advantage Custom Trailers. We have the expertise and materials to manufacture an assortment of exhibit trailers for both indoor/outdoor uses.


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