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Custom Mobile Marketing Trailers for Your Brand

custom mobile marketing trailers

When promoting your company,sporting event, or business services, creative marketing is the key to makingan impressive impact! At Advantage Trailer, we can bring your vision to lifewith fully custom mobilemarketing trailers to suit all of your business's needs.

MobileMarketing Trailer Design and Manufacturing Experts

Advantage Trailer hasbeen helping customers bring their businesses to the next level since 1989.Built upon the foundation of exceptional customer service, expertly trainedstaff, and high quality products at a competitive price, we are one of theleading dealerships and distributors for all of your trailer and towing needs.

Our partnership withhigh quality manufacturers will ensure that you get exactly the product you arelooking for, at a price that can’t be beat by the competition. Through theyears we have created mobile marketing trailers for customers around the worldand right here at home, including Microsoft Xbox Kinect, the Chicago Cubs, andthe Milwaukee Brewers. From the beginning our commitment has been to qualityand service, and our top priority is to not only meet but exceed all of your expectations!

Mobile MarketingTrailers Customized Inside and Out

One of our mostexciting products is the fully customizable mobile marketing trailer! Whetheryou are looking to advertise your business, create awareness, or promote yoursporting event, we can help you design a one of a kind product to take yourdreams to the next level.

The Advantage Trailerdifference starts from the first stages of product development. Our team ismade up of experts in the trailer industry who are also well-versed marketingprofessionals that can guide you in the process of creating and developing avision for your company’s marketing needs.

Trailers withCustom Displays and Extensions

Our trailers range insize from 10’ to 53’ and can be equipped with several customizable optionsincluding:

  • Made-to-order graphics
  • Custom lighting
  • Rooftop signage
  • Display cases
  • Fold-out stage platforms
  • Custom extensions
  • Multimedia centers
  • … and so much more!

For virtually anybusiness type in any industry, there is a mobile marketing trailer for you.Custom designed and built to suit, we deliver the brand messaging,functionality and impact that you need from your interactive mobile display. Thereare countless options available when creating the mobile marketing trailer ofyour dreams, and when you work with Advantage Trailer the only limit is yourown imagination!

Call us today or fillout our online form for a free quote and get the process started of taking your business to the next level with acustomized marketing trailer!

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