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Why Can't I Find a Trailer? Why are Trailer Prices so High? Here's Why

See all that blacktop? In a typical year, you can see way less of it. But as we’ve all seen since last March, nothing is typical anymore. A lot has changed in the past year and the trailer industry is no different. If you are shopping for a trailer, chances are you’re either having trouble finding...

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Do I Have to Use Safety Chains on my Trailer?

When buying a trailer, no one wants to think about the worst case scenario, but it’s important for the safety of both the buyer and others on the road. In the same way that a properly installed fire detector helps protect those from a fire, safety chains act as a final line of security for someone p...

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Advantage Trailer February Food Drive Yields 400 Pounds for Local Food Bank

Each year during the Christmas season, Advantage Trailer conducts its own give back initiative to support the local community. This year, we conducted a food drive during the month of February and donated approximately 400 pounds of food to the Interfaith Food Pantry of Carol Stream. “We’ve defin...

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Pennsylvania State Police Using Concession Trailer to Help Fund Youth Camps

While the bad news tends to make the headlines, a good police force makes a positive impact on the community in which it serves. Beyond writing traffic tickets and arresting bad guys, building public trust through community programs can make a big difference, and that’s the case with the Pennsylvani...

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