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Mobile Exhibit Trailers Custom Made for Your Events

custom mobile exhibit trailer

Standing out at tradeshows, conferences, and otherevents is necessary for business growth. What is one of the best ways toshowcase your company in a creative yet functional way?

Mobile exhibit trailers from AdvantageTrailer are custom designed and engineered to your needs. We offer numerousoptions and can also help create something completely new, with both visual andfunctional features to make your exhibit stand out and get noticed.

All companies seek to make a positive impressionwhen attending events. What mobileexhibit trailer is right for you?

  • Stage Trailers– Perfect for showcasing a product with a spokesperson or speaking to youraudience in a direct way, stage trailers are perfect to stand up and out forthe crowd and truly get noticed at events.
  • MobileDisplay Trailers – Designed to showcase your brand,display trailers allow the function you need for your trade show plus custom interiorand exterior design for branding.
  • ExperientialMarketing Trailers – Wow your audience with innovativefunctional elements for optimal consumer engagement at your event.
  • CustomConcession Trailers – With cabinets, rear ramp, and storage,concession and good trailers are essential for feeding the masses in afunctional, complete space.

Whether you are interested in complete glass sidesor want to allow your customers to enter the trailer to look around, productdisplay trailers are a great way to give your customers a hands-on look at yourproduct.

With complete customization options available, you can create amini-store that shows your company's brand while also providing flexibility andsmall space typically needed at events.

With numerous custom display trailer options andmultiple customizations available, you can showcase your products/services in away that resonates with your audience. Whether you are looking for graphics onthe trailer, on the stage, or with a vehicle wrap, elevating your brand iseasier than ever with Advantage Trailer.

When it’s time to elevate your brand with a customexhibit trailer, trust Advantage Trailer to get the job done on time,professionally, and under budget. Contact us today to learn more and receiveyour free quote. 

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