custom car hauler trailers

Buying a car hauler trailer is an investment and, as such, you want to ensure that you purchase the perfect one to serve its intended purpose. At Advantage Trailer, we are committed to customer satisfaction and helping those in the market for a new trailer find the one that best fits their needs. We’re sharing with you the top 3 things you should look for when buying your next trailer: 

Wide Selection of Car Hauler Trailers

Not all car hauler trailers are created equal. Choose a dealer that offers a wide selection of model and style choices so you can find the hauler to best fit your needs. Advantage carries several styles, including:

  • Open Haulers: Strong and simple, open haulers are a cost-effective option.
  • Enclosed Car Trailers: Protect your investment and transport your precious cargo in a secure enclosed car trailer.
  • Stacker Car Trailers: If you plan on moving two cars at once, then a stacker car trailer is exactly what you need.

Custom Designed and Engineered Car Trailers

Don’t purchase just any old trailer off a lot – opt for one that is truly made to match your exact needs by creating your own custom car hauler trailer. At Advantage, we use cutting-edge tools to create and modify our equipment to better serve the customer.

Endless Design and Functional Options

From personalized branding to glass side display trailers to rigs with decked out interiors, Advantage offers endless design and function options so you can build the custom car trailer of your dreams. Right from the start, we’ll pair you with one of our talented designers who will listen to your exact specifications before building you a top-quality aluminum car trailer.

Still on the hunt for an aluminum car trailer? Contact Advantage and we’ll help you find the ideal solution. Give us a call or fill out our quick online form to receive your free estimate today!