custom mobile workshop trailer

At Advantage Trailer, we’ve been building high-quality, custom-designed mobile workshops for businesses across the country since 1989. While our existing customers recognize the value of a mobile workshop, we still get a lot of inquiries about how these custom buildings can benefit businesses in various industries. Wondering about this yourself? Then read on to see what a workshop trailer can do for you!

How Your Business Can Benefit from Mobile Workshops

Since our workshop trailers are completely custom-fabricated, their use cases are truly endless. But to give you an idea of their power and versatility, here are just five common ways that these buildings help businesses and their employees.

1. Convenient Storage

Complex construction, engineering, and fabrication jobs require a host of specialized tools—large, small, heavy, light, bulky, and fragile. Without central storage for these diverse pieces of equipment, the chances of damage and loss are high.

In cases like these, mobile shop trailers not only protect your valuable business assets but also keep resources well-organized to increase employee productivity and satisfaction, as well as overall job-site efficiency.

2. On-Hand Quality Control

Especially for businesses in the electrical, pipefitting, or mechanical engineering fields, precisely calibrated systems controls are essential. With a mobile work shop on hand, you can host all required testing machinery in a convenient location, saving you the time and effort of transporting equipment to centralized facilities.

At Advantage Trailer, we incorporate heavy-duty security features to ensure that even the most costly equipment stays safe.

3. Mobile Business Capabilities

Today, businesses and customers are more mobile than ever. If you’re interested in meeting your customers where they are, a mobile workshop is a great place to start. Because our workshops are custom-built to your exact requirements, they are incredibly versatile and can be used for nearly anything:

  • A standard office space or meeting room
  • A spacious showroom or marketing exhibit
  • A food truck or other mobile concessions stand
  • A well-organized storage space
  • And so much more!

4. All-Weather Durability

If your employees work outdoors, it’s important to have a place for them to go in case of inclement weather. And for some industries—like disaster relief or emergency healthcare—dangerous conditions and inclement weather are the norm!

For businesses that work in challenging settings, our workshop trailers are outfitted with features like tube framing, thickened walls and flooring, radial tires with torsion axels, and extra gussets and supports to keep things running efficiently, no matter what.

5. Customer-Ready Spaces

When your work takes place in the field, it can be difficult to arrange a convenient location to meet business partners, clients, and potential customers—but a mobile workshop provides this private space anywhere you want! Instead of meeting in a local coffee shop or rented office, you can invite guests into a professionally outfitted, climate-controlled mobile office right on site.

Ready to Design Your Workshop Trailer?

Have these benefits sparked your imagination? If you’re considering the many ways a mobile work shop can improve your business processes and customer experience, get in touch with Advantage Trailer today!

We’ve built thousands of mobile workshops for businesses in nearly every industry—and we’d love to take advantage of this experience to create a custom rig for your company. Call us today for more information!