mobile concession custom kitchen trailer

Imagine you’re attending a festival or other event. You want to grab something to eat, so you head over to the concession area. As you look around, where are you likely to wander first—to the plain white truck or to the eye-catching custom concession trailer? Whether you’re selling hot dogs, homemade lemonade, or gourmet meals, one key to more sales is getting noticed, and this is especially true if you do business at events featuring several food vendors.

Concession Trailer Customization Options

Advantage Trailer creates mobile concession trailers that look amazing and feature every bell and whistle you could want. From a simple truck with freezers to a trailer complete with a gourmet kitchen—if you can imagine it, we can build it! If you’re ready to upgrade from your current mobile trailer, or if you’re shopping around for your very first kitchen trailer, call the premier builder of custom trailers—Advantage Trailer!

Advantage Trailer has a huge inventory from which we can create your custom trailer. With trailers of all sizes and endless design possibilities, we can easily meet your needs and your budget! We specialize in custom trailers, but we always have an inventory of trailers already in production, so if you need something fast, give us a call!

Mobile Concession Trailers Aren’t Just for Food Vendors!

It’s true that you can increase your food sales with a mobile concession trailer, but you can also use them to draw attention to your brand or even to help the community! No matter what type of business you have, a fully branded custom trailer can be a great marketing tool! Businesses large and small have commissioned trailers for this very purpose!

Disaster relief is another way that some businesses use their custom trailers. These kitchen trailers are used to feed first responders or victims on site. In some situations, the self-contained trailers are the only way to supply hot food and drinks. Many businesses have seen this as a way to help communities when they need it most while also building goodwill.

Unlimited Kitchen Trailer Customization Options

No idea is too big for Advantage Trailer. Over the years we’ve built:

  • Mobile ice cream shops
  • Roving BBQ trailers
  • Pop-up chicken stands
  • Traveling concession trailers
  • Mobile coffee houses
  • Cupcake trailers
  • Full-service, 24-foot kitchen trailers

Contact us today to learn more about all of our custom concession trailer configurations and to discuss our attractive financing options that make it easy to afford the trailer you need! Give Advantage Trailer a call today, or fill out our online contact form.