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Expand your marketing reach with a custom display trailer! Display trailers offer high-impact and fully-functional solutions for boosting your brand while serving other practical purposes. The possibilities for designing your display trailer are practically endless depending on your functionality and marketing needs.

Exhibit Trailers as Your Mobile Display Solution

Advantage Trailer has decades of experience in creating stunning exhibit trailers. We provide comprehensive display solutions with custom exteriors to interactive mobile displays with both design and functional elements for your audience.

With extensive knowledge in branding and design, we can help you maximize your marketing reach using state-of-the-art equipment complete with a custom design that captures the message of your business in a single glance! 

Choosing the Right Mobile Display Trailer

One of the first steps towards creating your own custom display trailer is to decide which model is best for you. Advantage Trailer offers a wide-selection of custom design options. Some of our many featured trailers include:

Glass Display Custom Trailers – These trailers feature a glass side and raised interior flooring, designed to showcase your product where ever you go! These experiential marketing trailers are ideal for trade shows.

Display Mobile Marketing Trailers – Wrap your trailer in a custom vinyl logo, promoting your product while on the road or participating in special events such as auto races!

Mobile Exhibit and Marketing Stage Trailers – Take your marketing message outdoors with mobile stage trailers. These mobile exhibit trailers are equipped with a foldout stage and other display options for optimal display and interactive featuring of your product.

Mobile Showroom and Retail Store Trailer – Showcase your products in a custom, mobile retail trailer that’s built to your individual specifications while offering the best customer experience possible!

Turn heads and invite customers to interact with your products using custom mobile display trailers by Advantage Trailer! 

We fabricate well-designed, mobile works of art that are made to last. With a broad-range of trailer sizes and designs, we can craft the perfect display trailer for your exact needs.