custom car hauler trailer interior

There are endless uses for motorsport and car hauler trailers, whether you are someone with a few summertime toys that you want to haul up to the cabin or you’re a business owner that needs a custom option to simplify your operation. At Advantage Trailer, we know that one-size-fits-all car hauler trailers don’t work for everyone, and we offer a wide range of quality trailers that can be custom-built to your needs without costing you a fortune.

Car Hauler Design and Trailer Selection

While building a custom car hauler may sound like a dream come true, the challenging part can be figuring out exact what you need—not to mention finding a reputable design/engineering team to bring that vision to life!

With Advantage Trailer, we give you the best in custom designs and features, and you can depend on our professional car hauler team to help you narrow down the choices to stick to your vision and your budget. A few of the popular options we offer as a starting block to your custom car hauler trailer include:  

Open Car Haulers

Need a sleek, versatile car trailer that can be used for a variety of purposes? This is the choice for you! Built from heavy-duty materials and available in a number of sizes and styles, we can custom-design and modify an open trailer that delivers the functionality you need.

Enclosed Car Trailers

If you want to protect that prized car or keep toys safe during long journeys, enclosed car trailers are the way to go. Choose custom options to finish the interior for even more versatility, and hit the open road knowing that you’re towing industry-leading quality.

Stacker Car Haulers

Have more than one car that needs transported? Simplify the process with a stacker car hauler trailer! Depending upon your needs, we can create a highly durable trailer that holds multiple cars safely and securely—without sacrificing on style!

Functional Car Hauler Design and Graphic Trailer Wraps

Whether you’re more concerned with head-turning visual appeal or you need fully functional features both inside and out, Advantage Trailer has got you covered. We are an industry leader in designing and engineering all varieties of customized car and motorsports trailers that can bring your vision to life – both functionally and aesthetically.

Ready to learn more? Give us a call today and see what our team can do to meet your needs, or fill out our quick online form to grab a free estimate for your custom car hauler trailers!