The spike in the RV market during this year’s Covid-19 pandemic has been well documented as consumers look for safe ways to get away amid ever tightening restrictions. While we at Advantage Trailer are a trailer company, rather than an RV dealer, we can still offer solutions for those looking to travel while keeping clear from large crowds.

According to CNET, RV rentals have increased 650 percent this year, and the RV Industry Association reports a 31.2 percent increase in RV shipments this September compared to last September.

“The demand for RVs continues to be strong heading into the fall and the industry is on track to surpass last year’s numbers, despite the six to eight week closures earlier this spring,” said RV Industry Association President Craig Kirby. “Between the growing trend to work and learn from your RV and the incredible fall and winter RV travel options, we do not see the demand for RVs going down anytime soon.”

Additionally, the International Air Transport Association expects demand for air travel to remain below pre-Covid levels until at least 2023, and an Ipsos study finds that 46 million Americans plan to take an RV trip in the next 12 months.

Are you one of them?

If you’re looking for a fully furnished RV, you’ll have to go to an RV dealer, but if you want a toy hauler, or if you are willing to put some of your own elbow grease into it, we can help!

On the toy hauler side, we stock Stealth Nomads and have sold quite a few of them this year. We currently have a 24-foot Stealth Nomad in-stock with two wall-mount sleeper sofas, a kitchenette, bathroom, heat and air conditioning, and more.

If that’s out of your price range, we have another option.

Customers have recently started purchasing smaller cargo trailers and converting them to small camper trailers, either themselves or through our fabrication team.

We can order basic cargo trailers from the manufacturer with windows, which means all that has to be done is some minor fabrication to make them livable.

This fall, a customer purchased a 5’x10’ Formula Conquest trailer with 30”x15” horizontal slider windows on each side. Once he received it, he removed the plywood walls, installed insulation and 110-volt power, and reinstalled the walls. Next, he installed a ceiling and a cabinet in the nose area, which he filled with a small fridge, microwave, two 12-volt batteries, a 12-volt battery charger, and a DC/AC power converter. He painted the walls and installed carpeting as well as a futon, curtains, and a shelf to hold his portable generator.

While he still has a few minor finishes to complete, he has successfully converted a small cargo trailer into a small camper that is perfect for trips, at a fraction of the cost of purchasing an RV or toy hauler.

We have a couple more in the works as we speak, so it’s definitely a trend to hop on now if you’re looking to travel on a budget in the coming year. If you don't have the time or capabilities to do the work yourself, our fabrication team can do it for you at our shop in Carol Stream (about 30 miles west of downtown Chicago).

Converting a cargo trailer into a small camper is especially useful for hunting, fishing, or camping for the person who doesn’t need all the luxuries of a full RV. We have another customer who travels to flea markets and converted his cargo trailer to a small camper to both haul his gear and sleep in while on the road. 

If you are interested in either a toy hauler or converting a cargo trailer into a small camper trailer, please give us a call at 630-524-2029 or email to get the conversation started.