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Showcase Your Company with a Custom Mobile Concession Trailer

When starting a new mobile business, getting the rightcustom concession trailer makes all the difference. This is the perfectopportunity to showcase your company's style and brand to potential customers.First impressions are everything; a generic trailer won’t give your businessthe attention it deserves. For this reason, it’s essential that you hire acompany that has the talent needed to create something special. Advantage Trailerhas made a name for themselves by creating some of the most extravagant customtrailers in Illinois. If you want your business to steal the show, you know whoto call.

Don’t Settle for Anything But TheBest

When picking someone to customize your mobile trailer, youneed to check their credentials. At Advantage Trailer, we have been receivingrave reviews ever since we opened in 1989.

 Our mobile marketing trailer expertscan create any visual display to meet your requirements; whether you need amobile concession trailer for with full kitchen for cooking, custom equipmentfor vending/sales, and of course inspired design for your marketing on the road.We don’t just create custom trailers; we create personalized masterpiecescustom designed for your unique business.

Don’t Just Create a Trailer, Make a Masterpiece

Anyone can make a trailer, but Advantage Trailer takes it astep further. We go to great lengths to create a custom mobileconcession trailer that represents you. Advantage Trailer puts you in thedriver’s seat, and everything is built to your specifications.

Our experts will personally sit down with you and designyour next trailer, from start to finish. With Advantage Trailer’s specialists,anything is possible. From stainless steel kitchens to neon lights to vehiclewraps, we know how to get your business noticed.

Custom Mobile Marketing Solutions

If you need help figuring out what design is best, all youhave to do is ask. Advantage Trailer has numerous trailer models available asthe base and our expert design team and create the ideal mobilemarketing trailer for your needs.

Once you figure out the dimensions andstyle, your journey has just begun. We have a long list of interiorcustomization options to inspire you, and our team will craft the idealfunctional and design options to make your business come to life.

All trailers are constructed to be both stunning and safe.All of their experts are rigorously trained in Illinois state safety codes, soyou won’t be surprised further down the road. Team up with Advantage Trailer tomake your next trailer so impressive that it blows away the competition.

Callus today or fill out our quick online form to learn more about our custom mobileconcession trailers.

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