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Trailers Available to Lease for Mobile Tours

Each new year brings renewed hopes, new resolutions, and fresh marketing budgets. Three weeks into 2022, many brands and experiential marketing agencies are hard at work building out their upcoming experiential campaigns. One of the many experiential tactics is a mobile tour, and a trailer is a g...

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Sandhill Coffee Using Mobile Cafe Trailer to Serve Coffee to Chicago Suburbs

How does a small coffee company expand from selling at local farmer’s markets on the weekend to a full-time mobile coffee shop? With a concession trailer! That’s just what Phil Wingo did for his local small business, Sandhill Coffee. “Farmer’s markets are great, but I don’t want to do them eve...

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Pennsylvania State Police Using Concession Trailer to Help Fund Youth Camps

While the bad news tends to make the headlines, a good police force makes a positive impact on the community in which it serves. Beyond writing traffic tickets and arresting bad guys, building public trust through community programs can make a big difference, and that’s the case with the Pennsylvani...

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Advantage Trailer's Top 10 Custom Trailers of 2020

One of our favorite times of the year is when we take a look back at our best projects from the previous year. While we value every customer we work with, the bigger custom trailers really make us proud, so we had each member of our team vote on our top trailers of 2020. Here are the trailers that m...

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Looking Ahead to the Live Music Scene in 2021 and How We Can Help

Like many across the country, I miss live music more than most things I have had to do without during the Covid-19 pandemic. The experience of seeing an artist perform live on stage to an expecting audience is one of the great thrills in life that never gets old. As the music industry looks ahead...

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