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As one of the leading trailer dealers in the United States, we aim to educate our customers so they can make informed decisions. Read through our blog posts to learn more about Advantage Trailer, see what we are doing in the community, and expand your knowledge about trailers.

Advantage Trailer’s Top 10 Custom Trailers of 2020
One of our favorite times of the year is when we take a look back at our best projects from…
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A Better Way to Dispose of Exhibit Displays & Temporary Activation Elements
A marketing trailer puts more working dollars into your budget, saves time, and eliminates post-trade show waste and storage fees.
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Top 10 Trailers of 2019: #4 – Kroger & Dare to Care’s Zero Hunger Mobile Market Trailer
As 2020 gets started, we continue our look back at a few of our favorite custom trailers from the past…
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Top 10 Trailers of 2019: #6 – Hudson Boat Works Marketing & Mobile Repair Trailer
As 2019 winds down we are taking a look back at a few of our favorite custom trailers from the…
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Should I lease or purchase a trailer for my experiential marketing program?
It's a question that every experiential marketer faces whenplanning a mobile tour. Does it make more sense to purchase a…
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Advantage Spotlight: Special projects tech Paul Caruso celebrating 20 years at Advantage!
Paul Caruso is our resident jack of all trades and is celebrating 20 years at Advantage Trailer today. We spent…
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How can Advantage Trailer help my brand or agency?
By now you have read about whybrands should invest more in experiential marketing, whatmakes an effective experiential campaign, 10unique experiential…
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8 key benefits of an experiential marketing trailer
Over the past few weeks we’ve discussed why brands should invest more in experiential marketing, what makes an effective experiential…
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Car Chix advancing women’s movement in male-dominated motorsports industry
Danica Patrick may be the most well-known woman inmotorsports, but Jeanette DesJardins is doing her part to advance the women's…
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Custom Advantage stage trailer serves as functional centerpiece at Autodesk University
When Zet Norman, Global CustomerMarketing Manager and Catherine Rogers, Global Construction Events Manager atAutodesk, needed a functional statement piece to…
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Mobile Exhibit Trailers Custom Made for Your Events
Standing out at tradeshows, conferences, and otherevents is necessary for business growth. What is one of the best ways toshowcase…
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10 Things to Consider for your Custom Display Trailer
A custom display trailer takes a lot of thought. Don’t just put one together in a hurry. Take the time…
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