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As one of the leading trailer dealers in the United States, we aim to educate our customers so they can make informed decisions. Read through our blog posts to learn more about Advantage Trailer, see what we are doing in the community, and expand your knowledge about trailers.

Sandhill Coffee Using Mobile Cafe Trailer to Serve Coffee to Chicago Suburbs
Sandhill Coffee launched his mobile coffee shop in the Chicago suburbs with a custom trailer from Advantage Trailer.
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No Summer Job? Sno Problem! Local Students Find Success With Shaved Ice Trailer in Naperville
What do a group of high school and college kids do when apandemic cancels their summer jobs and internships? They…
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5 Experiential Marketing Ideas for Brands Post-COVID
What will our industry look like when the shutdown ends? It'sthe question everyone is asking. While the slow, staggered economic…
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Top 10 Trailers of 2019: #1: Prudential Rooftop Pop-Up Restaurant Airstream Trailer
As 2020 hits full stride, we are completing our look back at a few of our favorite custom trailers from…
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Disaster Response Trailers Provide Invaluable Solution When Disaster Strikes
A natural disaster is an event no one wants to live through orface, but is an unfortunate reality for many…
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4 Tips for Choosing Your Marketing Trailer Vendor
So you've decided on a trailer for your mobile tour orexperiential activation and now it’s time to find a vendor…
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How can Advantage Trailer help my brand or agency?
By now you have read about whybrands should invest more in experiential marketing, whatmakes an effective experiential campaign, 10unique experiential…
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8 key benefits of an experiential marketing trailer
Over the past few weeks we’ve discussed why brands should invest more in experiential marketing, what makes an effective experiential…
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10 unique experiential marketing trailer uses for agencies and brands
Experiential marketing budgets continueto rise, which means the opportunity to create epic brandexperiences has never been better. As agencies get…
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5 principles of an effective experiential marketing campaign
The content generated from Amazon Prime’s Garden of Earthly Delights activation at South by Southwest made me feel like I…
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