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Top 10 Trailers of 2019: #2 – Florida Blue Mobile Healthcare Consultation Trailer

As 2020 gets started, we continue our look back at a few of our favorite custom trailers from the past year. Of course, we will never discount the everyday trailer sales that are the meat and potatoes of our business, but the big marketing trailers that require extended fabrication are what really make us proud.

Over the last few weeks we have featured the first six of our top 10 countdown of our favorite custom trailers of 2019 as voted on by our employees. Now it’s time for the top four.

From the sales team to the admin team to the service team, every person may or may not have played a direct role in each trailer along the way, but each person has played an important role in keeping the business going, providing excellent customer service, and getting trailers back up and running quickly, which is something to be celebrated.

#10 – National Grid First Responders Training Trailer
#9 – Harbor Hill Mobile Wine Bottling Trailer
#8 – Illini Tailgate Trailer
#7 – Spiderz Batting Gloves Mobile Retail Trailer
#6 – Hudson Boat Works Marketing & Mobile Repair Trailer
#5 – The Lash Bar Mobile Lash Bar Trailer
#4 – Kroger & Dare to Care’s Zero Hunger Mobile Market Trailer
#3 – Kroger Treasure EmporiYum Mobile Tour Trailer

#2 – Florida Blue Mobile Healthcare Consultation Trailer

The penultimate entry in our Top 10 Trailers of 2019 is an experiential marketing stage trailer that we completed in November for Team Enterprises and their client, Florida Blue. We love this trailer because of the interior fabrication work that it entailed and the consumer engagement that it inspires. 

Team Enterprises first approached us in early July about a trailer for their client to conduct healthcare consultations at events throughout the state of Florida. Essentially, they wanted it to be a mobile version of Florida Blue’s retail centers, where customers can receive direct care consultation, advice, health education, and health tech demos from nurses. 

This presented a challenge to our fabrication team because the interior consultation rooms required glass partition walls with sliding doors rather than the standard aluminum walls that our trailer manufacturers always build. After considerable planning and some trial and error, we landed on a half-inch lexion supported by aluminum framing. The trick — as any trailer fabricator knows — was getting them square with the trailer framing, and when all was said and done, they looked and functioned just like a glass partition wall in any office building. 

Our favorite part of the fabrication process was the wood slat wall in the rear portion of the trailer, which serves as a branded photo experience for consumers. We utilized 2-inch poplar boards, cut to size, stained, sealed, and mounted to a backer affixed to the wall. We then mounted a LED light on top of the slat wall and hid the cords inside the wall. The result was a piece that adds considerable texture and character to the otherwise white trailer. 

Each consultation room contains cabinets to store files during consultations and decor while in transit, a desk with chairs for on-site consultations, and floating shelving to display branding and decor. Each room also has its own air conditioning unit, which is able to be controlled independently, keeping staff and consumers cool on hot Florida days.

A custom built welcome desk on the main stage allows staff to greet consumers at the point of entry, while a custom tech table on the rear stage gives consumers an opportunity to test out health technology such as a Fitbit, a Withings Thermo, and a blood pressure monitor. 

The 24-foot stage trailer has a walk-on roof, and we affixed aluminum raised lettering to the flip-up sign, just like one would see on the facing of a brick and mortar store. Instead of fabric skirting around the stage edges, we utilized a rigid and durable black PVC to hide the stage legs. We also built custom step railing that matches the rear stage railing, but remains minimalist so as to not deter from the exterior appearance of the trailer. 

Florida Blue launched the trailer on Nov. 23 at the Florida Blue Classic football game between Florida A&M and Bethune-Cookman at Camping World Stadium in Orlando. There, they offered flu shots and allowed consumers to participate in an interactive game, in addition to the health tech demos. The activation received great fanfare with a line dozens of people long for the duration of the 4-hour event leading up to kickoff. 

In between activations the trailer will live at Florida Blue’s headquarters in Jacksonville and be utilized at various events to support the company’s initiatives, such as open enrollment that was held over the holidays.

This was a trailer that we are very proud of because of the challenge it presented to our team and the result we delivered, which stayed remarkably true to the initial renderings given to us by Team Enterprise’s creative team. It’s a true representation of our capabilities and a trailer that our client and their client can all be proud of. 

If you work for an experiential marketing agency or a brand looking to take your brand or product on the road in 2020, don’t hesitate to reach out. With 30 years in business, coupled with more than 10 years of in-agency client service experience under our belt, we are uniquely positioned to deliver a wow-worthy experiential trailer. 

Please give us a call at 630-524-2029 or email today to get the conversation started.

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