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TRUE Linkswear + Linksoul Collab Kicks off Pop-Up Pro Shop Mobile Tour with 20-foot Stage Trailer

When two growing brands want to launch new products and expand their reach, what better way to do so than by hitting the road and meeting current new customers in an unexpected way?

That’s just what two of the hottest golf lifestyle apparel brands, TRUE Linkswear and Linksoul, are doing with their 2020 West Coast collaboration. 
Both have an established customer base, especially on the West Coast — TRUE is based in Tacoma, Wash. and Linksoul in Oceanside, Calif. Both also carry some star power behind their names. PGA Tour veteran Ryan Moore is the brother of TRUE president Jason Moore and a close adviser to the brand, while Linksoul founder John Ashworth has been synonymous in the golf apparel industry since founding his first brand — Ashworth — in the late 1980s. 

Name recognition is a great start, but with so much noise and competition in the golf apparel industry, and new brands popping up everywhere, it takes even more to stand out. Some brands, such as Travis Mathew, have found success tapping into the “dude” culture of golf with party buses and catchy t-shirts. Others, like Malbon, have leaned on celebrities to channel the street culture of golf wear. There’s certainly nothing wrong with either of those approaches, but TRUE and Linksoul have taken a different approach: coming together to share their laid back, everyone is welcome vibe with the masses. 

That’s what made a stage trailer the perfect vehicle to showcase their products. While many of the hundreds of booths at the PGA Merchandise Show featured closed off structures that made customers step into their space in order to get a peek at their products, the TRUE + Linksoul trailer was wide open and inviting. Show attendees took note of the inclusive, everyone is welcome, want-to-be-there presence it gave off — certainly no coincidence given the nature of the Linksoul-run Goat Hill Park Golf Course in Oceanside, which is built on the same qualities.

“Jason [Moore] and John [Ashworth] have been friends for years and always had the idea of a mobile pop-up shop,” said Brandon Wallach, VP of Marketing for TRUE Linkswear. “The stars finally aligned in 2019 to move forward with the project. TRUE and Linksoul complement each other extremely well, so the idea of a combined trailer was almost a no-brainer. The goal of touring both brands along the coast and visiting some of the most beautiful, scenic courses has always been something both brands have strived to do.”

The two brands purchased a 20-foot ATC stage trailer and Advantage customized the interior with nearly 60 linear feet of shelf space, 12 feet of hanging racks, six faceouts, and a custom mini bar over the wheel well, which also includes backlit shelving for displaying hats and shoes. All of this was done in a light natural wood and black iron piping that was consistent with the brands’ minimalist and non-overbearing vibes. The result was a blank canvas that allowed the products — TRUE’s innovative footwear, including their new ECO Knit shoes, and Linksoul’s natural, subtle-colored clothing that is made from soft, breathable, comfortable, stylish fabrics — to shine. 

“The initial response has been fantastic,” Wallach said. “Course pros and consumers alike have raved about how well the brands match up and can’t wait to see it on the road. We’ve already had dozens of courses along the west coast reach out to us to book the trailer for a weekend.”

After launching at the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, the trailer officially headed across the country for the PGA Tour’s Phoenix Open and intends to spend February and March in Arizona and Nevada, April and May in California, June in Oregon, and July and August in Washington, attending events and crashing course demo days or member/guest tournaments along the way.

Customers can view the latest styles available from both brands and even place their drop ship orders directly on-site. Facilities that host the trailer will receive 15 percent of any sales made during the event, which makes it a win-win for all parties involved.

“Having this mobile experience will be huge for our brand; it allows our customers (and courses) to really experience TRUE on an entirely new level,” Wallach said. “People will be able to walk in, explore, and understand what it means to be a part of TRUE aside from what they’ve only seen online or heard about. This fully immersive experience will really benefit both TRUE and Linksoul for years to come.”

Do you have a growing brand that could benefit from a marketing trailer like this one? We love to create customer experiences that drive ROI for brands both large and small. You can sit back and wait for customers to enter your store or hope they find you online, or you can take your brand to them. Connect with them. Introduce new customers to your brand. Build brand relationships based on consumer experiences of seeing, touching, or tasting your brand. A marketing trailer is the perfect vehicle to make that happen. 

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