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Where Can I Get My Trailer Serviced in the Chicago Area?

Are you looking for a trailer service shop or a place to buytrailer parts and trailer accessories in the Chicago area? Look no further thanAdvantage Trailer.

Advantage Trailer is much more than a trailer dealer andfabricator. While we are proud to be the premier trailer dealer in Chicagoland,we also offer a top-notch service department, a wide range of parts andaccessories, and tire sales and service.

As a local, family-owned and operated small business, we canhandle all your service and maintenance needs. If you are a business, thisallows you to avoid down time and keep your trailers working for your business.If you are an individual, this allows you to work with a shop close to home andavoid long hauls just to get your trailer fixed.

This sets us apart from other trailer dealers. We don't justsell you a trailer and move on to the next customer. We’re a one-stop shop thatcan handle your warranty and service needs and we stock the parts andaccessories that you may need down the road.

We operate with a service-oriented mentality and a personalapproach that values relationships. That means that if you are our customer,you are OUR customer. And we are proud of that.

This was demonstrated when Jeanette DesJardins, founder ofCarChix, was at a race in South Georgia and another attendee backed into hertrailer. As luck would have it, Advantage service manager Dan Rocco was at thesame event enjoying some time off, and when he saw the damage to her trailer,he fixed it on the spot, no questions asked.

“It was crazy enough to run into one of the guys who builtmy trailer at an event 1,000 miles away,” DesJardinsexplained afterward. “But then for him to go out of his way to fixit before I hit the road, it just speaks volumes about Advantage Trailer.That’s the kind of people they are, and if I ever decide to get another trailerI know who I’ll go with again.”

In the first part of this blog series, we will answer someof the common questions we get about the types of trailer services AdvantageTrailer offers. We will follow that up with a post about our parts andaccessories offerings and then information about our tire sales and servicecapabilities.

Does AdvantageTrailer offer trailer repairs and maintenance?

Of course. We sell trailers from some of the top manufacturersin the world, but no matter how well built your trailer is, you will have tomaintain it like any vehicle to get optimal performance and longevity out ofit. Add in the unpredictable Chicago weather and any trailer is bound to needservice at some point.

Will AdvantageTrailer service my trailer bought from another dealer?

Absolutely. While we would love to sell every trailer, weunderstand there are many reasons a customer may buy elsewhere. That doesn’tmean we won’t service or repair it. At the end of the day, we want your trailerto work for you, so no matter where you bought it we’ll get you back on theroad as quickly as possible.

What types of trailerswill you service?

Our service experts can work on any type of trailer, from asmall open utility trailer up to a 53-foot enclosed trailer. We recentlyserviced a large gooseneck trailer that was hauling a bear, a mountain lion,and five wolves, so no matter what you’ve got, we’ve got you. We will alsoinstall hitches onto your car and install or service tires on your truck.

What types of servicedoes Advantage Trailer offer?

Our services range from preventative maintenance tostructural repairs to accessory installation and everything in between. Whetheryou need a hitch installed to your tow vehicle, need snow removal equipmentinstalled or removed from your truck, need your landscape trailer repacked for theseason, or need something on your trailer repaired, we’ve got you covered.

Can I take my trailer to an auto repair shop?

They may or may not have space for a trailer, but they don’t specialize in trailers. Advantage Trailer does, which means you will get expert service and faster turnaround since we stock most trailer parts needed for repair.

How much does it costto get my trailer serviced by Advantage Trailer?

Since every situation is unique, please call us at 630-580-5840to get a custom quote for your trailer. Our pricing is competitive and ourservice is unparalleled in Chicagoland.

Where is AdvantageTrailer located?

Advantage Trailer is ideally situated to service the city ofChicago and the Chicago suburbs. Our shop sits at the corner of Gary Ave. andNorth Ave. in Carol Stream, which means we are centrally located to Aurora, St.Charles, Schaumburg, Oak Park, Bolingbrook, and everywhere in between.

My trailer wasrecently involved in a traffic accident. Can you give me a repair estimate?

Of course! Call us at 630-580-5840 and let us know the detailsor submit a servicerequest along with photos and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

I need to get mytrailer repaired and back in action as soon as possible. How quickly can youfix it?

It depends on the season, how busy we are at the time, and whether wehave the needed parts in-stock or have to order them, but in general our service team averages 3-5 days. For an accurate timeframe, please call us at 630-580-5840.

What if I’m here fromout of town and need to get my trailer serviced

We will fix your trailer no matter where you’re from. If itrequires an overnight stay, there is a Holiday Inn directly across the streetfrom our shop and a Hampton Inn just down the street. We are also happy to give you a ride to a nearby Enterprise Car Rental if needed. Regardless, we’ll getyou back up and running as quickly as possible.

I have a marketingtrailer from Advantage Trailer that is currently in another market and needsservice. Can you help?

We are happy to speak with a local trailer repair shop to ensurethey get you back up and running as quickly as possible.

Can you come look atmy trailer or service my trailer?

We do not make trailer calls. If you can get it to us, we arehappy to fix it.

Do you service RVs?

We do not, but we share our building with Hometown RV and they can service yourRV. If you have a toy hauler, we can certainly service that as we sell the StealthNomad.

What are your servicehours?

We are open Monday through Friday from 8am to 6pm andSaturday from 8am to 2pm. We are closed on Sundays.

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