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Work On the Road in 2016 with a New Mobile Command Center

6422f61a-6edd-4c7c-b08e-a30acaf275a5Whether you own a business that constantly travels to trade shows or are in charge of a government organization that needs an emergency management services vehicle, a mobile command center from Advantage Trailer is perfect for you. Since 1989, we've been creating state-of-the-art solutions for organizations that need an on-the-go area of operation.

We’ve worked with world-class organizations to provide them with mobile command vehicles that suit their needs. From a fully-equipped medical center on wheels we built for the American Red Cross to a cutting-edge mobile office we designed and fabricated for British Petroleum, we’ve crafted it all. No challenge is too complex or difficult for our experts. In fact, we encourage you to come to us with your most unique requests!

Well trained in a variety of trades, our personnel will outfit your mobile command center with all of the essentials. Working closely with your IT team, they’ll install wiring for computer and telecommunications systems so you can work and communicate while on the move. They’ll also craft your rig to be comfortable, installing a kitchen and restroom if you’re planning on using it for a long trade show tour or to handle a lengthy emergency management crisis.

Most importantly, our staff of well-trained, experienced and knowledgeable designers and fabricators will work with you throughout the entire process. Since they’ve worked on many mobile command vehicles over the span of their extensive careers, they’ll be able to provide you with design and functionality suggestions. Using the best products from ATC and other leading trailer brands, they’ll craft you a durable, stylish and effective solution that will bring you years of value.

Allow yourself to stay productive and communicate effectively on the road in 2016. Contact Advantage Trailer today to get started on your very own mobile command vehicle. Call us or fill out our online form to schedule a free design consultation!

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