Linksoul + TRUE Linkswear Mobile Pro Shop Trailer

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Linksoul + TRUE Linkswear Mobile Pro Shop Trailer

When two golf lifestyle brands with PGA Tour ties came together, we brought their vision to life.

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The Process

Initial drawing from John Ashworth

The Ask

TRUE Linkswear reached out to us with a request to create a mobile pro shop trailer for their collaboration with fellow golf lifestyle brand, Linksoul. They wanted it to mimic the minimalistic look and feel of Linksoul’s retail locations with raw wood, iron pipe, and clean white walls.

How We Achieved It

Sometimes maintaining a clean and minimalistic look is harder than the opposite. Our team achieved it by beginning with a totally white 8.5’x20′ stage trailer. We added a rustic wood-look vinyl flooring and raw poplar shelving along the roadside and front walls, supported by black iron brackets. We mounted black iron pipe face-outs to the wall above the shelves to allow for hanging displays. Finally, we built a cabinet on casters to cover the wheel well, with a custom bar tap on one side and illuminated shelving on the outward-facing side.

The Result

The final trailer captured the vibes of the Linksoul Lab. The clean and minimalistic look allowed the colors and textures of the client’s products to be the star of the show. Linksoul and TRUE Linkswear launched the trailer at the 2020 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando. While other brands had trade show fortresses with high walls, the open and inviting nature of the mobile pro shop drew rave reviews from broadcaster Jim Nantz, The Golf Channel’s Matt Ginnela, and others in attendance.

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Linksoul & TRUE Linkswear mobile retail trailer

Having this mobile experience will be huge for our brand. It allows our customers (and courses) to really experience TRUE on an entirely new level. People will be able to walk in, explore, and understand what it means to be a part of TRUE aside from what they’ve only seen online or heard about. This fully immersive experience will really benefit both TRUE and Linksoul for years to come.

Brandon Wallach, VP of Marketing, TRUE Linkswear

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