Sno Problems Mobile Shaved Ice Trailer

Sno Problems Trailer

Sno Problems Mobile Shaved Ice Trailer

When a group of out-of-work high school and college students had a great small business idea, Advantage answered the call.

Capabilities Demonstrated

Custom Fabrication

Equipment Installation

The Process

The Ask

The summer after the Covid-19 pandemic shut down schools and businesses, a group of local high school and college students who had lost their internships decided to create their own business. Through a referral they found us and reached out about building a custom shaved ice trailer.

How We Achieved It

With the pandemic in full swing, the students needed to move fast to launch their business before summer’s end. Unfortunately, with trailer manufacturers shut down, we didn’t have the size of trailer they needed in-stock. So we purchased one from another dealer and built it out. Our fabrication team installed all of the kitchen equipment — including a freezer, 3-basin sink, handwashing sink, custom shelving — and also cut out the flip-up vending window and added faux barnwood and a chalkboard menu board to the exterior of the trailer

Sno Problemstrailer

The Result

The trailer captured the look they had in mind and instantly became a destination in downtown Naperville. It opened on July 2, 2020, and within three weeks the team did more business than they thought they would do the entire season. In fact, it was so successful that they tapped Advantage to build a second, larger trailer the following year!

Sno Problems trailer

Paul got what our vision was from day one, because we knew we were going to be selling shaved ice, which is a very simple product, but in downtown Naperville we wanted it to have that Instagramable look. We wanted people to be excited to take a picture of the trailer, to go to the trailer, to see that as a draw – and he got it. He got it from day one. He made it so easy that I would just say, ‘I think we want black wire bottle racks’ and he’d come back with ‘these?’ and send me a picture and I’m like ‘Yes!’ It was awesome to have somebody that really got it from the beginning. Made it a lot easier.

Laura Harriman, Sno Problems owner

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