Timberland Stoop Trailer

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Timberland Stoop Trailer

Proof that a trailer is a blank canvas to create a mobile and engaging experience for any brand.

Capabilities Demonstrated


Custom Fabrication

graphic wrap

Graphic Wrap

The Process

Timberland mock-up

The Ask

Game Seven marketing came to us with the idea of creating a customization shop for their Built for the Bold activation. The original idea was a shipping container, but a trailer did the job just as well. Their vision included several custom fabrication features including a black and orange hex wall on the exterior of the trailer, black pegboard on the interior, and a graphic wrap.

How We Achieved It

Things move fast in the experiential marketing world, and we were prepared to handle it. Our fabrication team wrapped the interior of the trailer orange and then installed custom black pegboard to the walls. We cut and installed a flip-up vending window, wrapped the trailer’s exterior, and installed a custom hex wall.

Timberland trailer fabrication in progress
Timberland mockup

Timberland Stoop trailer

The Result

The trailer stayed true to the client’s renderings, giving Timberland a great looking mobile asset. It launched in early September, popping up at various locations throughout New York City through November, featuring local creatives, hands-on workshops, live performances, customizable Timberland products, and more.

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