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ATC Game Changer

The Game Changer PRO has the industry's first configurable furniture track system that allows you to easily move or remove your furniture. It's also easy to clean after a fun weekend of play, and because it's an ATC it holds its value for longer than any other toy hauler on the market.

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What sets ATC toy haulers apart?

1.  Construction

The quality of ATC’s construction is well known in the trailer industry. ATC stands for Aluminum Trailer Company, and that aluminum is carried throughout the whole trailer.

The roof is one-piece, made with a single roll of aluminum as opposed to rubber or vinyl that is typical in an RV roof. It’s bent over the sides and glued to the aluminum roof bows for performance and durability.

The frame is all tube aluminum and welded all the way around with aluminum extruded floor on top. There is no wood anywhere in it. The all-aluminum ramp door can support anything that can fit inside the toy hauler, and with no wood to rot, it’ll last for years to come.

2.  Changeability

The garage space in ATC’s Game Changer toy haulers is flexible for your needs. It’s designed to maximize space, whether you need to fit more toys or use it as a comfortable living space or bedroom when the toys are out of it.

The Game Changer PRO features the industry’s first configurable furniture track that allows you to easily move or remove your furniture.

3.  Easy to Clean

The garage space is designed to get dirty. When you’re riding ATVs and dirt bikes all day, the last thing you want to do is worry about the mess they are going to make inside your trailer. The extruded aluminum floor can be hosed down with ease, allowing you to fully enjoy your getaway.

4.  Cost Effective

You may pay more up front, but you’re paying for ATC’s well-known quality. Their trailers are built to last and retain their value as well as any trailer in the industry. Typically, when you drive an RV off the lot, the value depreciates immediately. But that’s not the case with ATC.

Because of the quality with which they are built, you will spend far less time getting your toy hauler repaired than with your average RV. That means you have more time to enjoy it and less time and expenses fixing it.

Additionally, since it’s made with all aluminum, it’s 10-15 percent lighter, so you don’t need as big of a tow vehicle to pull it.

5.  Cargo Capacity

That 10-15 percent lighter weight also means you can carry more inside your toy hauler. After all, if hauling your toys is what you’re using it for, what’s the point of not being able to carry all you want? You shouldn’t have to sacrifice space, and with an ATC Game Changer toy hauler you won’t have to.

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