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Mobile Command Trailers
Mobile command trailers are fully customizable, from trailer size to interior buildout, lighting, audio/visual components, power requirements, and much more.

Please submit a quote request via the form on the right of the page or call us at 630-524-2029. 
If you are looking for something other than a mobile command trailer, please click a link below to read more about the different types of medical and emergency response trailers we offer.

1. Medical Response Trailers

Medical Response Trailers and mobile clinics are critical to hospitals and other health providers. Our partners at ATC have developed a turnkey solution and are prioritizing the build of medical response trailers over other trailer types as our world fights through COVID-19. 

2. Emergency Shower Trailers

Important for decon at a hospital or any disaster area, an emergency shower trailer allows officials to quickly filter contaminated individuals through before admitting them for further treatment.

3. Mobile Restroom Trailers

Mobile restroom trailers are useful not only for large events and job sites but also for natural disaster areas. The standard model made by our partners at Diamond Specialty Vehicles contains 4 individual bathroom stalls, but other sizes can be built to order.

4. Mobile Studio Trailers

Mobile Studio Trailers aren't just for Hollywood. These 2-room units are extremely versatile with a full bath, sofa-bed, microwave and entertainment center, and on-board generator. Useful for hospitals to provide extra office space, a workspace for officials on the ground, or even temporary housing.

5. Mobile Office Trailers

Mobile office trailers from Diamond Specialty Vehicles put rugged engineering in action. With several preset models to choose from, you can get exactly what you need without breaking the bank. Whether you are in the entertainment, commercial, medial, fire, police, military, oil and natural gas mining, or safety/sanitation industry, Advantage Trailer is proud to offer these high-quality office trailers with floor plans that make it easy to purchase exactly what you need.

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