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Cross Trailers

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When you choose Advantage Trailer for your towing and hauling needs, you’ll be working alongside a company that can help you find and create the right trailer products to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Whether you’re interested in options, such as mobile marketing vehicles, stage trailers, trailer leasing, or something else, we’re committed to finding the best options for you or your company. To do this, however, it requires top-notch products. That’s where Cross Trailers comes in!

The Benefits of Cross Trailers

Cross Trailers aren’t your “typical” towing products. They are grounded in high-quality materials, cutting-edge designs, and expert craftsmanship that’s unbeatable by the competition. What’s even better, though, is that the team at Cross Trailers believes in helping you create custom trailer products that are tailored to your individual commercial or personal needs.

Each of these trailers is built around an innovative Aegis System.  In Greek mythology, the term “Aegis” translates into shield or protective cloak, which perfectly defines the types of trailers we set-out to offer.

No matter what types of trailers you need, we can help. Cross Trailers offers a wide variety of different styles and options, including: Cargo Trailers, Work Trailers, Aluminum Cargo Trailers, Enclosed Hauler Trailers, Car Haulers, Sports Trailers and Racing Trailers.

Grab a Detailed Quote on One of Our Top-Rated Cargo Trailers

Whether you need a trailer for work equipment or motorcycles, Advantage Trailer is proud to work alongside Cross Trailers to get you the precise products you’re looking for. Give us a call today or fill out our online form to set-up a free consultation.