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Stacker Car Trailers

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Aluminum Stacker Trailers for Efficient Car Hauling

Anyone who thinks moving one car is hard has never moved several at once. To effectively do this, you need a stacker car trailer. These are the most complex trailers to design and build, so you’ll definitely want well-trained and talented designers and fabricators working on it. At Advantage Trailer, we hire the best professionals the industry has to offer, so we can handle the most complicated and unique projects.

Branding and Upfitting for Custom Stacking Car Trailers

These heavy-duty rigs can be built utilizing a tag trailer or gooseneck/fifth-wheel trailer. For the lift, the most commonly used is an automotive drive-on style that is placed inside the rig. You can also opt for a lift gate that drops to the ground and rises to the main trailer floor or loft area. Regardless of what you want, our crew is talented and dedicated enough to handle it with ease. Since all types of cars, trucks, motorcycles and other vehicles have specific needs, we will pair you with our expert designers and fabricators so they can point you in the right direction.