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Whether it’s a natural disaster, an active crime scene, or a public health emergency, the key to damage mitigation is always fast response. Well-equipped and professionally engineered emergency response trailers can all make the difference—saving your crews precious minutes in life-threatening situations.

Being prepared is more than half the battle, and Advantage Trailer can ensure that your emergency responders have what they need at a moment’s notice. We have worked with hospitals, government agencies, nonprofits, and public safety groups for more than 30 years to design and build disaster response trailers that work in high-stress, real-world situations.

Types of Mobile Response Trailer

We offer many different kinds of emergency response trailers, and each one can be tailored to suit your organization’s specifications. Just a few of our mobile response unit builds include:

  • Emergency Decontamination Trailer: Emergency showers and eye wash stations can keep your staff safe from unexpected exposure to chemicals, pollutants, biohazards, and more.
  • Mobile Command Centers: A mobile command center provides an office-like facility for decisionmakers to be on the scene ASAP. We can equip your emergency management trailer with office furniture, electronic/appliance connections, and plenty of storage.
  • Mobile Clinics: Ambulance-style doors, safety ramps, and fully customizable interiors allow you to treat injuries quickly and keep patients moving toward the appropriate healthcare facilities.
  • Mobile Restrooms: Emergency responders need a sanitary toilet facility as part of any mobile response unit, and our trailers are easy to set up even in rough, off-the-grid conditions. We can add generators, heated plumbing, and more.
  • Mobile Studios: With a full bath and sofa bed, these well-equipped living areas can serve as temporary housing or safe breakrooms for first responders.

Features of Your Mobile Emergency Management Unit

No matter which style of emergency response trailer you need, we’ll work with you to build a solution that fits your planned usage. We have several ready-made trailer models available, or we can engineer a unique trailer system that’s made to order just for you.

In both cases, you can expect:

  • High-Quality, Industry-Leading Materials
  • Multiple Trailer Sizes and Dimensions
  • Trusted Brands Like ATC Trailers and Middlebury Trailers
  • Customized Interiors and Exteriors
  • Plumbing, HVAC, and Electrical Outfitting Options
  • Financing Plans Available

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With Advantage Trailer by your side, you’ll be ready to respond to any emergency in no time at all. All of our mobile response trailer solutions have been validated in real-world conditions, so all you have to do is drive out, set up, and turn on the generator.

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