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When an accident strikes your hospital, construction site, or other high-risk workplace, an emergency decontamination trailer will prove critical to keeping your staff safe. And for jobs where dangerous conditions are part and parcel of the work—like disaster restoration, HAZMAT transportation, or chemical clean-up—then emergency shower trailers should be a given rather than a back-up!

No matter your industry or budget, Advantage Trailer can build an effective trailer to your exact specifications. We know exactly how mobile decontamination units are employed in real-world conditions, and we build our trailers to fit.

When your employees are exposed to chemicals, biohazards, oil spills, or other contaminants, every second counts. Our emergency shower trailers can be deployed quickly, are compact and easy to set up (even in rough conditions), and can get people moving through the decon line ASAP.

Decontamination Trailer Features

At Advantage Trailer, we’re a different kind of trailer dealership because we have full-service expertise in designing, engineering, fabricating, and repairing. We sell ready-made smaller mobile emergency showers that are perfect for fast deployment in the field, as well as larger custom builds that are ideal for more fixed locations. Each one can be tailored to the unique hazards and environmental conditions of your job site.

Just a few of the many features available with our decon trailers include:

  • Spacious Interior Measurements: 76" Wide and 78" High
  • 7KW or 10KW Onan Commercial Generator
  • Filon Shower Walls & Ceiling for Easy Cleaning
  • Black Coin Flooring in Shower for Added Slip Resistance
  • Ambulance-Style Doors for Fast Operation
  • Bright Interior and Porch LED Lights
  • 325-Gallon Water Tank
  • 1 HP Pressure Booster Pump
  • SpaGuts Spa Controller Kit with Topside
  • Iron Might Circulation Pump
  • Inline Bypass Kit for Ozone

Customizations Available for Emergency Shower Trailers

Because we’re fully equipped to customize our builds, we’ll work with you to make sure your decontamination trailer fits your needs. Most of our emergency shower trailers consist of a mechanical room and a shower room, but even that basic layout can be adjusted based on your planned usage. We can accommodate:

  • Different Climates: We can add heating or A/C units for trailers in less seasonable climates. We can also install a heated water supply.
  • Multiple Users: If many people need decontamination at once, we can install doors on both sides for one-way traffic flow. We can also install single- or multi-person shower units.
  • Specialized Washing: Overhead showers can be installed for full-body, walk-through rinsing before your employees enter the shower. We can also add side or entry eyewash stations.
  • Storage: We can build in lockers to store emergency supplies and fresh work gear, as well as collection bins or bladders to collect contaminated rinse water.

Request a Custom Quote for Mobile Decontamination Units

With Advantage Trailer, your mobile decon trailer will be built for your needs. We offer financing as well! Call us today or fill out our online form to sign up for a customized quote on your decontamination trailer.