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There are many different kinds of hazardous materials, and if you work in this industry, you need to be prepared for them all: liquids, solids, gases, dust, mist, smoke, vapor, fumes, and more. Many HAZMAT sites pose multiple risks at the same time, each requiring a dedicated response and clean-up protocol.

Advantage Trailer can help ensure that your mobile HAZMAT response unit is fully and professionally equipped to handle any situation that arises. Our HAZMAT trailers are engineered for rough conditions as well as varying climates and temperatures, and they can be deployed at a moment’s notice.

Specialized Builds for Your Hazardous Materials Response Trailer

Your HAZMAT response will look different depending on the role of your organization or agency. Some of our clients focus on emergency mitigation and materials clean-up, others on executive disaster management, and others on in-field medical treatment. Whatever your mobile HAZMAT response looks like, we can create a portable trailer that fits.

Work with our HAZMAT trailer specialists to customize a unit that fits your specs to a T. We’ve been building, repairing, and customizing HAZMAT units since 1989 and understand exactly what these mobile units are up against. We can build you a:

  • HAZMAT Command Center
  • HAZMAT Decontamination Trailer
  • Emergency Eye Wash and Shower Station
  • Mobile Office and Conference Room
  • Emergency Clinic
  • Mobile Restroom
  • First Responder Support Station
  • Animal Rescue and Decontamination Trailer
  • Temporary Housing Unit
  • Disaster Relief Field Station

HAZMAT Trailer Manufacturing and Upfitting Options

At Advantage Trailer, we offer a number of build options based on your needs and budget. We have ready-made models that are affordable and quickly shipped, or we can start completely from scratch and build your emergency hazmat response trailer to order. You’ll have your pick of interior and exterior customization options, including:

  • Decontamination Stations
  • Industrial- and Military-Grade Wall Materials
  • Electrical Connection and/or Commercial Generators
  • Water Connection and/or Storage Tanks
  • Storage Bladders for Contaminated Water
  • Heating and A/C
  • Full Baths and Kitchens
  • Desks, Shelving, and Chairs
  • Bunks and Other Living Furniture
  • Ramps and Stairs
  • Multiple Door Sizes and Configurations
  • Outdoor Awnings
  • And More!

Request a Custom Quote for HAZMAT Trailers

Make sure that you’re prepared for anything by contacting Advantage Trailer today. We work with the industry’s top brands, such as ATC Trailers, and we make financing available for those who need it. Call us or complete our quick online form now to sign up for a HAZMAT trailer quote.