ATC LifeTrac

ATC LifeTrac

Fully configurable modular system

Open to Possibilities

Available on all “50” Series models, the ATC LifeTrac allows you to add, rearrange, and remove components to customize your hauler just how you want it. Choose from cabinets, sofas, wall hooks, helmet racks, and more.

How does ATC LifeTrac work?

If you purchase any ATC Stō 350, Stō 450, Rōm 450, Rōm 550, Plā 350, or Plā 450, they come prepped with the ATC LifeTrac system and ready for any LifeTrac cabinet, furniture, or accessory that ATC offers.

The genuis of ATC LifeTrac is that your trailer can grow with you. If today, you only need a base cargo trailer, you can order a “50” Series Stō without any add-ons.

Then, a year from now, you decide you want to start taking your ATV on weekend adventures, so you purchase some ATC LifeTrac cabinet and furniture pieces to add to it.

Then, you need to move your kid to college, and you need all the space available, so you take the cabinets and furniture out and hang them in your garage.

Your off-roading hobby continues to evolve, so you add the cabinets and furniture back in. By now, ATC has increased its ever-growing LifeTrac line, so you add even more accessories.

With a plain old cargo trailer, that never would have been possible before. Or it would have involved a lot of work to outfit your trailer how you wanted it, and once it was that way it couldn’t be changed. ATC LifeTrac opens up a world of possibilities.

The ATC LifeTrac Catalog

Wall Cabinets

When you need storage in your cargo trailer, ATC LifeTrac wall cabinets are a great option. Choose from 12″ by 24″ to 18″ by 24″ to 36″ by 24″ sizes. They also come with doors or nets to fit the look and functionality that you desire. Mix and match cabinet styles and sizes.

The best part is they are fully movable. Put them in one spot, and if you decide you want them in another spot, easily move them. If you need the full space in your trailer for hauling stuff, take them out and hang them in your garage! You have options.

LifeTrac wall cabinet
Small 12″x24″x12″
Wall Cabinet with Net
Small 12″x24″x12″
Wall Cabinet with Poly Door
Medium 18″x24″x12″
Wall Cabinet with Net
Medium 18″x24″12″
Wall Cabinet with Poly Door
Medium 24″x24″x12″
Wall Cabinet with Net
Medium 24″x24″x12″
Wall Cabinet with Poly Door
Large 36″x24″x12″
Wall Cabinet with Net
Large 36″x24″x12″
Wall Cabinet with Poly Door
48″ Wall Shelf
Large 48″x24″x12″
Wall Cabinet with Poly Door
Large 48″x24″x12″
Wall Cabinet with Net
LifeTrac base cabinets

Base Cabinets

Like the wall cabinets, the ATC LifeTrac system offers a variety of options for base cabinets as well. Whether you only need drawers, a self-contained sink, or a convection microwave, you can mix and match base cabinets to create the layout you need.

Of course, you can place them anywhere in the trailer that you desire, as well. You’re not limited to the front, although that does leave the maximum space available for an ATV or UTV.

Convection Microwave
Single Drawer
4 Drawer
24″x36″x18″ Sink
(Self-Contained Plumbing)
24″x48″x12″ w/Poly Door
White – No Divider
24″x48″x12″ w/Net
No Divider
Wedge Only
Sink & Convection Microwave (Self-Contained Plumbing)
Cooler Slideout

Furniture & Amenities

In addition to wall cabinets and base cabinets, the ATC LifeTrac system offers a growing list of furniture options. Choose from a variety of table options — some of which are compatible on the exterior of the trailer as well — and chairs to add some comfort to your ATC cargo trailer.

ATC Rōm 550 ATC Car Hauler
30″ Dinette Table
Wall Mount
36″x30″x18″ Table
Wall Floor Mount
36″x30″x18″ Table
Interior/Exterior Wall Mount
38″ Pedestal
Reclining Swivel Chair – Black
45″x36″x18″ Table
Interior/Exterior Wall Mount
Premium Folding Chair
12v Dry Flush Toilet
with Privacy Package


Where the ATC LifeTrac system really gets fun is the wide range of accessories available. This is where you can truly customize your ATC cargo trailer based on your interests and uses. From broom and cord hangers to wall caddies, cup holders, helmet holders, coat hangers, and more, there’s a spot for everything you need.

Broom Holder
Cord Hanger
Deep Floor Bin
Single Fuel Jug Rack
Door/Wall Caddy
Double Cup Holder
Double Helmet Holder
Eye Bolt Anchor Kit (x4)
Floor Jack Holder
Jack Stand Holder
Mini Holder
Multi Coat Hanger
Narrow Floor Bin
Premium Strap Hanger
Single Coat Hook
Strap Hanger

ATC LifeTrac Hardware

ATC also offers a variety of hardware pieces to mount different items. You can also purchase the t-slot track kit in black or silver to install in your garage for those times you need to remove the cabinets and accessories from your trailer and hang them in the garage.

ATC LifeTrac hardware

ATC LifeTrac Packages

ATC LifeTrac

Race Package

Add the Race Package to your car hauler, which inlcludes:

  • 4 single coat hooks
  • Double helmet holder
  • Floor jack holder
  • Premium strap hanger
  • 8 eye bolt anchors
  • Door/wall caddy
  • Cord hanger
  • 2 deep floor bin fuel jug racks

Show Car Package

The Show Car Package has everything you need to show off your ride, including:

  • Floor jack holder
  • 8 eye bolt anchors
  • Premium strap hanger
  • 12″x24″x12″ cabinet w/poly door (qty 2)

Relax Package

The Relax Package allows for a comfortable getaway. It includes:

  • Double cup holder
  • 72″ sofa sleeper (black)
  • 36″x30″x18″ table (int/ext wall mount)

Half Bath Package

The Half Bath Package allows you to take a bathroom with you. It includes:

  • 24″x36″x18″ Sink (self-contained plumbing)
  • 12v dry flush toilet w/privacy package (upper cabinet & privacy tent)

Interested in a trailer with ATC LifeTrac?