Parts & Accessories

Parts & Accessories

Parts & Accessories

Over 30 years, our parts specialists have forged relationships with distributors to offer our customers the best selection and value of trailer parts and accessories in the region.

Trailer parts & accessories

Best inventory in Chicagoland

From tires and fenders to hitch locks and pins to lighting and wiring, we’ve got a huge selection of trailer parts and accessories inside our showroom.

Bike racks & cargo carriers

We carry a large assortment of Thule bike racks and cargo carriers, and our service team can set up and install them for you too. Come pick out the right one for you in our showroom in Carol Stream.

Thule bike racks & cargo carriers
Trailer parts

Online parts store

Not local or simply want to save time? Check out our online trailer parts store for a limited selection of parts and accessories that we can ship directly to you. (Coming soon).

Customer service for trailer parts

Highly recommend! Dan and Tyler were very helpful. They taught me about different brake controllers, they sold me one, and installed on my Jeep within a day. Very professionally done, has worked flawlessly. Months later, my left taillight on my camper went out. I changed the bulb and cleaned all the connection contacts, no luck. I needed the camper the next day. Called Tayler and they said bring it in right away. Dan took a look at it and knew what to do. He taught me about factory Jeep trailer fuses under the hood. We changed the fuse and it worked immediately. Excellent service!

Mike Martyka