Trailer Repairs


Trailer Repairs

Our trained and certified team of experts can fix any trailer problem, whether it’s a high-end toy hauler, a well-used food truck, a hotshot trailer, or a cheap Georgia trailer. Chicagoland’s source for trailer repair.

Trailer tire repair

You name it, we can fix it

In recent years, we have fixed a trailer holding live alligators and a trailer holding a live bear, wolves, and mountain lion. Needless to say, we don’t back down from a challenge. No matter your load or trailer type, we’ll diagnose the problem and get it back on the road.

Fair, honest, and dependable

Read through our Google reviews and you’ll see a common theme. Customers appreciate the helpfulness, friendliness, and knowledge with which our service team operates.

Advantage service team
Trailer repair

In and out as quickly as possible

We know that the longer your trailer spends
in our shop, the less time it spends being put
to work for you. We aim to get all trailers
that come in fixed and back on the road in
a timely manner.

Trailer Repair Services We Offer






Structural Repairs

Advantage service team

These guys were phenomenal in helping us with a broken-down camper while going on vacation. They went above and beyond for a 45-year-old camper that nobody else in Chicago would touch and even helped us arrange a tow when our roadside assistance struggled to find the correct equipment to tow a camper to a shop.

Brandon Petrowski