Trailer Maintenance

Trailer Maintenance

Trailer Maintenance

Just like cars, trailers need to be maintained in order to get optimal performance and longevity out of them. Since 1989, we’ve performed maintenance services for thousands of our valued customers.

Landscape trailer maintenance

Chicago’s trusted source for landscapers

We know there are dealerships nearby that sell bottom-of-the-barrel landscape trailers that we just can’t compete with on price. We know, because we service them! Whether or not you bought your trailer from us, we’re happy to keep it maintained so you don’t miss out on big projects.


Just like an oil change, trailer wheel bearings need to be repacked regularly to avoid accident and a costly repair. Fortunately, we can do repacks with our eyes closed. Ok, maybe not literally.

Repacks and trailer maintenance
Horse trailer maintenance

Boat trailers, horse trailers, and more!

Trailer safety is of utmost importance, so we’re happy to work on all types of trailers. Even if we don’t sell it, we can fix and maintain it to make sure the road is safe for all.

Trailer Maintenance Services We Offer

Wheel bearing repacks