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Formula Trailers

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Across various industries and applications, Formula Trailers are known for their long-term durability and outstanding performance. Whether you’re towing lawn care equipment, transporting snowmobiles, hauling motorcycles, or using the space as a mobile office and showroom, enclosed cargo trailers by Formula Trailers are among the highest-quality cargo haulers you can find.

Advantage Trailers has been offering this premier brand to customers nationwide since 1989, and just like Formula Trailers themselves, we’re committed to delivering the best value with your enclosed trailers. We offer a range of as-is sales as well as full-service customizations to ensure that you get the perfect piece of hauling equipment for your specific needs.

Enclosed Cargo Trailers by Formula Trailers

Formula Trailers manufactures state-of-the-art enclosed cargo trailers in a variety of lengths, widths, heights, and payload capacities to suit any short- or long-distance trip.

Designed for durability, speed, and versatility, Formula Trailers provide reliable use for the long haul. Numerous exterior color options add a stylish touch to your enclosed cargo trailer, while the affordable price tag keeps your purchase well within budget.

Customize Your Formula Trailer Cargo Hauler

Advantage Trailers is more than the go-to Formula Trailer company for new purchases; we also service, repair, and customize any and all enclosed cargo trailers! From basic adjustments to complete interior redesigns, we can take a standard trailer and turn it into the exact space you need. We’ve handpicked our manufacturers for their quality and care, and we pledge to maintain that high level of excellence with all of our maintenance and customization services.

Learn more about the many options we offer for enclosed trailers by calling us today! To schedule a free quote from an Advantage expert, go ahead and complete our quick online form now.