Cross Trailers

Cross Trailers

Based in Elkhart, Ind., Cross Trailers makes cargo trailers, car haulers, landscape and contractor trailers, and more.

where quality and integrity come together

You know when cooks say they made their food with love? The same can be said about how Cross builds their trailers. When times were tough coming through the pandemic, the owner of Cross rolled up his sleeves and got his hands dirty working on the lines to make sure everything stayed on track. Not every brand can say the same.

What Sets Cross Apart?

The Cross Difference

The Cross Difference

Honesty and integrity: many preach it, but not all follow through with it. Cross does, and that’s why we love carrying their products. Cross operates with the belief that that quality doesn’t come from promises, but from combining design, materials, and craftsmanship into a solid product.

The Aegis System

Cross designed the Aegis System, which is a revolutionary mounting system that allows for flex, expansion, and contraction resulting in a smoother look and longer-lasting performance that isn’t solely reliant upon caulk to keep the wind, dust, and water out. That’s a mouthful, but what does it mean? Cross uses ripple resistant exterior wall panels that last longer, a self-flashing roof that has no wood and a tighter bond to the frame, and a proprietary trim profile that has a better weather seal.

The Aegis System
More standard features on Cross Trailers

More Standard Features

Rather than upcharging for every option, Cross includes many features standard in its base trailers.

  • Tube frame walls, mains, and ceiling – because it’s stronger
  • 1-piece aluminum roof – to minimize leaks
  • .030 exterior aluminum – for more durability
  • Fully enclosed wall for dust/water seal – to protect your cargo
  • Electrolysis (corrosion) resistant design – for longer life
  • All exterior lights LED – more efficient and longer lasting
  • Flat top design – greater strength
Advantage + Cross Trailers

Partners since 2020

We joined forces with Cross in October of 2020 in order to bring another option of well-built and reliable cargo trailers and car haulers to our customers. Throughout the Covid pandemic, we were impressed by the level of honest communication and forthrightness that our reps at Cross had, and that solidified our partnership for years to come.

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Past Cross Trailers We’ve Sold

Get inspiration from Cross trailers we’ve sold in the past. If you see something you like that isn’t in-stock, we can custom order it for you. For more info, please complete our Custom Trailer Inquiry form or call us at 630-580-5840.

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