Trade Show Trailers

Trade Show Trailers

Exhibiting at a trade show allows you to capture leads, create new customers, and showcase your brand or products in a credible way. But how you do that is just as important. Trade show trailers make a great exhibit space for a few reasons.

OPW trailer at trade show

Best bang for your buck

One of the main headaches that comes with trade shows is the time it takes to set up and tear down your booth. Not to mention the labor costs associated with it. Utilizing a trailer as your booth not only significantly reduces that, but it also allows you to maximize your ROI. Rather than packing your trade show booth into storage to collect dust until the next trade show, you can keep using your trailer year-round.

Bring down the walls

Walk the show floor at any trade show and you’ll see expensive exhibit booths that portray exclusivity. They make customers work to enter their space. A stage trailer, on the other hand, brings down the walls. Literally. Like this one we did for Linksoul & TRUE Linkswear at the 2020 PGA Merchandise Show. With a large main stage and a rear ramp stage (you can even get another stage on the other side of budget allows), your space will be inclusive, inviting, and engaging to potential new customers.

Linksoul + TRUE Linkswear trailer at trade show
Diamond laundry trailer at trade show

Define your space

It’s easy to get lost in the zoo that is a trade show floor. Most have hundreds of exhibitors vying for the attention of attendees. A trailer commands attention because it stands out. It gives your brand a defined space and it also allows you to easily close up and lock valuables away overnight.

Need help choosing the right trailer? Our sales staff is ready to help you find exactly what you need.

The trailer has been fantastic thank you! We have a positive response at every event, and to be honest – is a great marketing tool to get people over to us and a great conversation starter. I’ve been providing your name to everyone that asks!

Tori G., Marketing Director, Ryvid, Inc.