Stealth Trailers

Stealth Trailers

Based in Bristol, Ind., Stealth Trailers makes cargo trailers, car haulers, motorcycle haulers, toy haulers, and more.


Like the Stealth fighter jet, Stealth Trailers may be a bit under the radar when it comes to trailer manufacturers. But they certainly shouldn’t be overlooked.

What Sets Stealth Apart?

The Wow Factor

Blackout packages. Rear spoilers. Stealth cutout features. All of that adds up to make some of the nicest looking trailers on the market. Sure, they may be discretionary items, but in an industry where it’s hard to stand out, they give Stealth trailers that wow factor.

Development & Innovation

Stealth believes you should get the most trailer you can get for the money. That’s why they invest in development and new innovation through the smart use of materials, clear direction, and user-friendly features.

Stealth - development & innovation
Stealth Trailers

Quality & Availability

Because of their dedication to providing value, Stealth builds quality trailers. They pay attention to the small details, build them right, and offer several value-add packages that make their products stand out. Stealth also typically keeps a solid stock of inventory to choose from.

Advantage + Stealth
Stealth Trailers

Partners since 2010

As a steady Stealth partner since 2010, we love the products they offer, the quality with which they are built, and the availability of stock they produce.

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Past Stealth Trailers We’ve Sold

Get inspiration from Stealth trailers we’ve sold in the past. If you see something you like that isn’t in-stock, we can custom order it for you. For more info, please complete our Custom Trailer Inquiry form or call us at 630-580-5840.

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