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10 Things to Consider for your Custom Display Trailer

A custom display trailer takes a lot of thought. Don’t just put one together in a hurry. Take the time to hammer out your needs, as well as define the purpose your trailer will serve to the public. Advantage Custom Trailers would like to give you 10 things you must consider when building and outfitting your custom exhibit trailer.


  1. Who is your audience?  Think about the type of person you want to reach and what setting your mobile marketing trailer will be in. Is it indoor, outdoor or both?
  2. How will people approach your display?  Will you invite people on stage, into the mobile unit or just have them look through vending windows or a glass side display?
  3. How do you want to display your products?  You can either display your products inside the mobile marketing trailer, outside of it or both.
  4. Will you entertain?  If you will be serving food and beverages from your trailer, then you will need a kitchen.
  5. What features will your custom display trailer need?  We can fully outfit your custom exhibit trailer with a restroom, lounge or offices, as well as heat and AC. Advantage Custom Trailers can install any audio/visual media requirements inside the trailer or on the exterior. These requirements include: video, TV, computers, PA, CD or DVD players and exterior speakers.
  6. Voltage requirements?  Decide whether you need 110V or 12V requirements, and if plug-in power or a generator is needed.
  7. Type of signage?  Your mobile marketing trailers can have a full wrap, roof top signage or lighted signage.
  8. Length of time needed?  Decide whether or not your custom display trailers will be used as a more permanent marketing method or if they are just being used temporarily for a certain marketing campaign.
  9. Budget?  Decide on your budget. Advantage Custom Trailer can build trailers between $6,000 and $60,000. Some of the more sophisticated trailers with numerous technology features can run more than $60,000.
  10. Will you rent or purchase? Most custom trailers are purchased, but if you prefer to rent, we also have that as an option. There are leasing and financing options available as well.


Advantage has the experience and the capabilities for refurbishing or outfitting used or new custom display trailers. This year we built out a mobile kitchen to serve personal staff needs of a famous pop star, refurbished a mobile display for one of the largest cellular companies and completed a marketing trailer to introduce a new tea beverage. When you need mobile marketing trailers built for your company, be sure to go to Advantage Custom Trailers for our expertise.

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