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Advantage Trailer 2023 Trailer Sales Year in Review

The holidays have come and gone, and as we turn our focus toward the new year, we always like to take a look back at the year that past. The highlights, the successes, and the trends that can shed light on where we’re going.

Leading the way in Chicago Trailer Sales

While we sell trailers nationwide, we know that our bread is buttered locally. That’s why two-thirds of our annual trailer sales come from right here in the Chicago area.

Advantage Trailer isn’t the only trailer dealership in Chicagoland, but with a curated stock of trailer types, sizes, and colors at varying price points, we aim to have options for every customer in DuPage, Cook, Kane, McHenry, Lake, Kendall, Will, and DeKalb Counties.

Our extensive custom trailer capabilities allow us to serve Chicago’s marketing agencies and small businesses with experiential marketing trailers, vending trailers, mobile retail trailers, food trailers, and more.

Additionally, with a full-service trailer repair shop and a huge selection of trailer parts and accessories, Advantage Trailer really is a one-stop trailer shop. When you purchase a trailer from us, you know you have a reputable shop to keep your trailer in top shape, from regular maintenance to any repairs or upgrades you may need in the future.

A Small Family Business with Nationwide Reach

Even though 66% of our trailer sales in 2023 were local, we still sold trailers to 62% of the states in the United States!

Naturally, we were heavy in the Midwest with our neighboring states of Indiana, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Ohio, but we sold at least 9 trailers to each of California, Texas, and Florida. In fact, those three states accounted for about 25% of our gross revenue from trailer sales.


Because of our custom trailer offerings, such as stage trailers, vending trailers, mobile grocery trailers, office trailers, and command trailers.

The trailers we sold stretched from Albany, N.Y. to Cle Elum, Wash., a span of 2,800 miles East to West, and from Grand Falls, New Brunswick to Naples, Fla., a distance of 3,100 miles North to South.

Some of our custom trailer highlights from 2023 include:

Venture Church mobile grocery trailer
8.5’x40′ Mobile Grocery Trailer for Venture Church in Naples, Fla.
24' ATC Command Trailer
8.5’x24′ ATC office Trailer for San Joaquin Office of Emergency Services in San Joaquin, Calif.
8.5’x24′ Xtreme Custom Stage Trailer for Ryvid EV in Hawaiian Gardens, Calif.
23' Office Trailer for Driscoll's Berries
23′ Office Trailer for Driscoll’s Berries in Dover, Fla.
8.5’x45′ Recreation By Design Office Trailer for PanCare of Florida
8.5’x20′ Discovery Stage Trailer for Nash Boards in Nashville, Tenn.
Ranger College trailer
8.5’x48′ Mobile Training Workshop Trailer for Ranger College in Ranger, Texas
American Canyon graphic wrap
8.5’x16′ Vending Trailer for American Canyon Community & Parks Foundation in American Canyon, Calif.
8.5’x22′ Discovery Stage Trailer for Church in the City in Rowlett, Texas
8.5’x30′ Discovery Vending Trailer for Tops Knives in Idaho Falls, Idaho
20' Matte Black Stage Trailer for Jesus Church
20′ Matte Black Stage Trailer for Jesus Church in Sarasota, Fla.
Electro-Mechanical trailer
8.5’x36′ Gooseneck Office Trailer with slideouts for Electro-Mechanical in Bristol, Va.

Cargo Trailers Led the Way

Cargo Trailers were 41% of our trailer sales

Despite all of the big custom trailers we did in 2023, it was the standard cargo trailers that made up the bulk of our trailer sales. Cargo trailers accounted for 41% of our trailers sold.

The most popular size of cargo trailer sold this year was 6’x12′, which accounted for 26% of the cargo trailers we sold. Close behind were 7’x14′ cargo trailers (16%), 5’x8′ cargo trailers (12%), and 7’x16′ cargo trailers (12%).

The next most frequent type of trailer we sold was utility and equipment trailers, which made up 14% of our total trailer sales, followed by car haulers (10%) office and command trailers (7%), and stage trailers (6%).

White was the most common color of cargo trailer we sold, accounting for 34% of them, while black was second at 21%, and charcoal third at 16%. The most commonly sold trailer was a 6×12 white cargo trailer (9% of all cargo trailers and 4% of all trailer types sold in 2023).

We Sold Many Different Brands…

Counting all of the used trailers we took in and sold in 2023, we sold trailers from 25 different manufacturers. That’s 8 more brands than we sold the previous year, due to our ability to take in more used trailers this past year.

…But it Was Really all About the Big 8

Discovery, ATC, Sure-Trac, Cross, Stealth, Continental Cargo, Formula, and Xtreme Custom made up 90% of our total trailers sales in 2023.

Discovery Trailers made up 28% of our total trailers sold, 35% of our cargo trailers sold, 47% of our stage trailers sold, 54% of our concession trailers sold, and 21% of our car haulers sold.

Sure-Trac Trailers accounted for 14% of our total trailer sales, 79% of our utility and equipment trailer sales, and 70% of our dump trailer sales.

ATC Trailers were 13% of our total trailer sales, 28% of our car hauler sales, 10% of our cargo trailer sales, 100% of our fiber splicing trailer sales, 67% of our toy hauler sales, and 29% of our office and command trailer sales.

Cross Trailers made up 10% of our total trailer sales, 38% of our car hauler sales, and 16% of our cargo trailer sales.

Continental Cargo accounted for 8.5% of our total trailer sales, 12% of our cargo trailer sales, and 23% of our concession trailer sales.

Stealth made up 8% of total sales, 12% of cargo trailer sales, and 29% of vending trailer sales.

As a proud dealer for each of these manufacturers, we will continue to carry and sell their trailers in 2024. Additionally, we look to grow our business with Recreation By Design in the coming year because we love their office trailer capabilities.

Is there anything you would like to see more of or new in 2024? Leave us a comment below.

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