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Advantage Spotlight: Special projects tech Paul Caruso celebrating 20 years at Advantage!

Paul Caruso is our resident jack of all trades and is celebrating 20 years at Advantage Trailer today. We spent some time with Paul as he worked on one of his many trailer fabrication projects so that you can get to know him.

The dedicated father of three is married to Julie and did security and alarm work prior to joining Advantage in 1999. He specializes in low-voltage electrical work, but says that these days his specialty is pretty much everything.

What does he enjoy most about working at Advantage? The ability to work on a wide variety of projects and create custom trailers for all types of customer needs.

Outside of work, Paul lays low, but he has always been a big fan of low-brow humor shows such as The Simpsons and Family Guy, as well as well-written crime shows like Killing Eve, Better Call Saul, Breaking Bad, and The Sopranos.

He listens to most types of music except country, but his sweet spot is anything from bad 80s rock to bad 90s music.

If Paul could do any other job in the world for one week, he would be a professional driver for movies, TV, and commercials, noting confidently that he would be very good at that.

If he could only eat one thing the rest of his life, it would be tacos, and something he wishes everyone should do at least once in their life is spend a day in someone else’s shoes to see how their life is. “Don’t be so concerned about just yourself,” are his words of wisdom. 

In the future, Paul hopes to travel and see Europe. “You name it, see it,” he said.

Next time you are at Advantage, make sure to say hi to Paul and congratulate him for the fantastic achievement of 20 years. Chances are, if you’ve purchased a trailer from Advantage that required custom fabrication, Paul did the work. Well done, Paul!

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