Mobile Grocery Store

mobile grocery store

Mobile Grocery Store

Mobile grocery store trailers that help solve hunger.


Food insecurity is a major problem in several parts of the United States. A mobile grocery store trailer allows food banks, food pantries, and other organizations to take access to affordable groceries directly to those in need.


mobile grocery store trailer - racks


We source high-quality restaurant grade racks to display canned goods, produce, and other dry goods. This includes flat shelving, baskets, angled shelving with ledges, and more, making it easy for customers to shop, just as they would at a brick-and-mortar grocery store.


We also source high-quality commercial refrigerators and freezers capable of keeping food at appropriate temperatures, even in extreme heat. These meet health codes and pass inspections, so you can provide produce, dairy products, frozen meals, ice cream, and more to those in need.

mobile grocery store trailer - fridges & freezers
Gooseneck Storage Space

Storage Space

Since most mobile grocery store trailers we build are gooseneck trailers, that allows you to store extra product and supplies in the gooseneck area. We can put flooring, lighting, and power up there, and add steps or a ladder to make it easy for you to access the space.

Power & Air Conditioning

With so much food on-hand, the mobile grocery store has to be capable of both keeping it fresh and providing enough light for customers to walk through and shop. An on-board generator and multiple air conditioning units accomplish that, allowing for a comfortable environment.

Power & A/C

Exterior Customization Options

From awnings to TV monitors and more, the customization options are endless. Awnings provide shade to those waiting in line, and TV monitors can display menus, pricing, and other information as people wait.

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In-Stock Grocery Trailers

Since each client’s needs are different, we don’t stock grocery trailers. We custom build them to your specific needs, so contact us to get the conversation started.

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40′ Mobile Market Trailer for State of Kentucky

This 8.5’x40′ Mobile Market trailer was custom built for the State of Kentucky for their community outreach programs. The interior is finished with 3 air conditioners, U-Line metal racks for produce and dry goods, fridges and freezers for cold and frozen goods, front cabinets with point-of-sale counter, storage space in the gooseneck, and an integrated JBL Bluetooth stereo system with speakers. It has a rear ramp door to easily load goods, as well as 2 soft close glass side entry doors.

Read more about the impact this trailer is making in Lexington, KY.

Out of Stock
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Although this trailer is no longer in stock, we can custom build one for you. Please complete our contact form or call us at 630-349-7588.

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